Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Turkeys in the yard & a walkabout

What a difference in a day. This is from Monday, a lovely, sunny day. Today, Wednesday, we had rain then icey coatings, followed by snow. Trees are down. When the sun comes up, I'll have to try work on the trees. Lots with power outages in southeastern Ontario. More on this tomorrow!

Back to Monday...
I gazed out the front window, and there were some turkeys. The turkeys have been busy.

They scratch at the ground, digging up hybernating bugs. I see this all around the forest.

A surprise, gazing out the front window...visitors!

A fun walk down to the meadow. I spotted a deer off back in the trees.

Beyond the meadow, Daisy and I went walkies to grab the trailcam SD cards. Daisy had a play right in front of the trailcam. She seems to know that this is where she can become famous and be on my video!  The trailcam is on the tree above Daisy.

An interesting walk. You can see that the ice has formed on both the wetland and the frog pond, however, the edges are thawed with our recent warmish temperatures.

The island in the wetland looks lovely. Apparently, the coyote thought so, too! I seldom see him/her, but often see its tracks. A turkey was here, too. Perhaps...?


William Kendall said...

Turkeys seem so ungainly, but there's something rather graceful in the way they move around.

Nancy J said...

Thursday 5th here, cold start at 4.5 Celsius, it dropped a little after my first coffee!!! Lots of snow your way, do your cats ever get frostbite on their paws? Stay warm, leave those fallen trees for a warmer day. Hugh will be 80 on 10th January, so a small lunch do on Sunday for him. I am continuing the 150 Canadian Women blocks, you might be interested in each lady and her achievements, fascinating reading, I will copy and post some to you. Hugs.XXX

Anvilcloud said...

You are probably getting the same squalls as us this afternoon.

Red said...

Wild turkeys don't do well here at all. some survive few years. The turkeys we have are ones that have been introduced.

Silver Willow said...

so much snow, to this southern california old gal!