Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Burnt Lands Provincial Park Exploited by Vehicles

I've been posting about  Ottawa Valley's Great Fire of 1870. We drove up to do some research. The location includes Burnt Lands Provincial Park Alvar. Then, I found the bunker, used as a Communications Bunker during the Cold War, post #3.)

Sadly, while I was doing research, I found that many have been exploiting the area, driving through and around the forest on motorcycles and ATVs.

In the video:

"There's no vehicles allowed in the park, but there's a truck been down here!"
This, obviously, gave them permission to enter.
Published on 10 Apr 2012

Uploaded on 13 Apr 2011 

2 h2 hummers got stuck in this hole and need helicopters to lift them out. So we had to try a Sameri and a Chevy.


William Kendall said...

ATV drivers can be such a self absorbed pain in the neck at times.

Red said...

Off roaders have to be controlled. Here on the mountain slopes serious erosion can be caused.