Saturday, 6 February 2016

Daisy walkies, Nanny tree, forest bathing

Firstly, at the house...this is not normal for February!

Daisy and I took a brief walk. She climbed her favourite tree.

You can see last year's leaves, along the deer trails. Then the mosses, which have come to life in our melt and rains. Normal temperatures are below the freezing point. The Rideau Canal skateway in Ottawa is closed. It's the middle of Waterlude, I mean, Winterlude! A great celebratory winter festival.

I do have to keep reminding her that she shouldn't go out into the wetland. It's pretty wet! She loves walking there, with the bulrushes rustling in the wind!

This tree isn't harmed by the pileated woodpecker. It continues to grow. Good birders know this. Some biologists denigrate the Pileated, but it is all nature.

Here is our Nanny tree. A birch has grown on the stump of another tree. It's beginning to tilt, however, as the stump is rotting. I first learned about Nanny Trees when visiting Stanley Park. Stanley Park Nanny Trees


William Kendall said...

Daisy does seem to enjoy exploring.

Yes, the Canal's still closed, though I'm hoping that'll be lifted soon. It's been a bad year thus far, but other stuff for Winterlude is going on and is fine.

Red said...

Yes, you've had a weird winter. We've had a normal winter. This is good science lesson.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Oh those dear sprouts - let's pray there is no sudden arctic burst to damage them! Can feel a stillness in these pictures... YAM xx