Friday, 5 February 2016

February weather and ice fishing huts

Normal temperatures can be -20 C., yet we've had some balmy days and most of our snow has gone. It saddens me. I love walking in the wetland in the cold, sunny days.


 Many enjoy winter activities: ice fishing, skiing, etc. and I wonder at the fishing huts on the frozen lake! The top few inches have simply been puddles! I know there is a tight community, with people who test the ice depth, yet some have taken their huts off of the ice.


William Kendall said...

Strange that it's staying in place here- what a brief distance, but those few kilometres can make a difference.

Well, it's still a long while before winter can really be said to be over.

Nancy J said...

I would want VERY solid ice before I ventured anywhere out there. Guess you are on the way to spring, down here we are sweltering every day. Keep your cool, or keep warm, whichever suits best.

Christine said...

it is sad the impact the weather is having on your community.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari om
I cannot quite get my head around voluntarily walking out on ice of any measurement! Unless, of course, there was curling on the go...YAM xx

Red said...

It's not smart to be on the ice when there are thawing temps. The guy with the heavy jeep beside the shack is asking for trouble.