Monday 28 December 2015

More deer tails and Whitetail Savvy

Tigger has been around a lot. We presume it is Tigger... what the heck! At first, it was just after dark. They know when it is safer to be outside, but lately (with the colder weather), they've been appearing more often in the day time just prior to dusk.

Tigger is a 9-point buck, with one side having a double split.

This shows the back of his legs, his 'heel' and the dark colouring (pheremones and urine) indicates that he is a dominant buck. The darker the colouring, the more dominance and the more hormones he releases. They urinate on the tarsal glands to spread their scent.
The other deer seems to be a young buck. It could be Pickle Stabber or P.S. 2!

This 8-point buck was in the back yard at the same time that Tigger was in the front with hubby.

Hubby & Tigger watches him
I asked hubby to fill the bird feeder. As he did, Tigger was waiting for him! They've come to know that we are not going to harm them, although they don't let us get too close.

I've three videos of Tigger from this year alone!

Tigger -1 week ago
Tigger 2 -5 days ago
Tigger 3 -5 days ago

Tigger at the feeder 2 years ago

Tigger at the feeder 2 years agoTigger 2 5 days agoMy new book

I'm so excited. Caitlin bought me a wonderful book for my birthday, Whitetail Savvy, written by expert Dr. Leonard Lee Rue III, with fabulous photos. I've cracked it, but there is a lot of interesting information in it and I'll have to read it in various sittings!

  • Whitetails can bound over 8 1/2 m (28') horizontally.
  • Lady slippers

  • They eat flowers, like lady slippers. I am lucky I still had some in the springtime, I guess.
  • You can tell their weight by the size of their hooves. I had a perfect hoof print the other day. The land has been so wet but this morning it was -10 C. and I think I'll have to wait for another thaw. 
  • A mature buck can weigh 250 lbs. and they can measure 40" at the shoulder.
  • They have metatarsal glands, interdigital glands, as well as scent glands on their heads: forehead glands, tearduct glands, nose glands and salivary glands. They use their hormones to cover up other duck's hormone scents.
  • Deer see differently than we do. They are often out in the dark.


Kay said...

I love seeing the snow. Tigger is gigantic.

Powell River Books said...

I bet we have deer nearby, but with the cliff they don't come into viewing range. Would be fun. - Margy

William Kendall said...

They're such graceful animals.

carol l mckenna said...

Magnificent post and photography ~ love the deer!

Wishing you a Happy New Year,
artmusedog and carol

Red said...

You've found some interesting info on your whitetails. They are beautiful creatures to watch.