Sunday, 27 December 2015

A fun Christmas and birthday party!

P1010002.JPGAt our house Christmas seems to last two days. It begins with Christmas fun, next is the sleepover, then ends with breakfast and a party the next day. I totally forgot to bring out my hand-made crèche! Here is a photo and my post. The gift of the Magi

Playtime... bears on the bed.

First up was a gift for our S-I-L! It began with a mystery poem...a clue.

Santa thinks you have been behaving
The next gift can’t be used for shaving
Maybe, yes, for use in cooking
Once you find it (best start looking)
You will have to fetch it elsewhere
Right beside the coldest deckchair

Josephine found it! A barrel of beer for our JL! All nicely wrapped at the LCBO!

Then, Facetime with the kids' cousins in B.C.! Grampa and Isabelle had to spend the time taking the wrapping off of her new dinosaur. It was teamwork!

Our son, Jesse, and his wife (our DIL), Stacie, share the same  birthday May 19th. The irony is that Jess' MIL's birthday is the same day as mine, Dec. 26th! We have fun with this. She always has an open house. I just have the kids! They love the new babe, Cluny!

What a happy girl with her new bangles, bought by Grampa, at her favourite store in town.

Next, Isabelle wanted to use her jewelry painting kit. Josee broke out her nail painting kit!

Next, the 'surprise' cake. I knew it was ordered, I didn't know what was on it! Here I am, twiddling my thumbs, waiting patiently! Caitlin was looking for playdough, which we didn't have. I wasn't sure why. Grampa said that he had the problem solved! Note the special balloons above my head, tied to the chair. And my antler chandelier!

Yes, I ah shifty-nine this year! When did this happen? Where do the years go? I'm so glad we are nearer to the grandkids. There were some pretty quiet birthdays and Christmases when we were apart! Then there were the years I was alone, between husbands, when the kids were with their father.
I remember the mother of one of my students took me in for Christmas dinner! It was so kind of her.
Then, the year I went to a Nepean church. Sat in someone's pew. A woman came, me alone in a long pew, looked and asked if I was expecting any other people. I tried not to tear up, and said NO! I am alone! I can laugh at that now!

The cake was a surprise. Grampa scarfed a photo from my office. Here I am, with my much younger
Robin, Jenn, 1966
brother, probably Christmas, in 1966. Those were the days when we wore suits and jumpers. Grampa remembers everyone putting on a suit for Christmas dinners!
The baker couldn't do the image on carrot cake icing, so she printed it on a layer of regular icing, and put it on the cake. How clever!!!

Back to playing!

A fun time had by all! Grampa had cat paws on his nails. It comes off with soap and water, BTW!


Nancy J said...

What a party, bottle tops in numbers, painted nails, and the surpirise cake!!! Your surprise at the photo icing, you have a wonderful loving family, your give so much love out, and receive in love, fun and happiness.Every photo tells the story so well, and your words, they tell so much too. Wonderful for you to be together this year.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

They know how to make a girls Almost Christmas Birthday special at your house! Happy belated!

William Kendall said...

It looks like you had fun!

Powell River Books said...

My mom used to use a treasure hunt for large presents. It was always lots of fun. Thanks for the memories. - Margy

Cloudia said...

Those girls really resemble you, Jenn!

EG CameraGirl said...

Wonderful family photos! The stuff of great future memories!

Kay said...

Oh my gosh! Looks like you had a fabulous birthday Christmas celebration. Happy birthday and happy new year!