Thursday, 31 December 2015

December weather

Dec. 30

The total rain was 57.4 mm. Snow: 18cm. Dec. 31st was sort of drizzly rain, and hard to judge. I can't get to the rain gauge until I do some more snow shoveling. I'd put it away as I had anticipated snow. 

This poor woman, age 29, with three kids.

Dec. 29

What a mess! Snow, ice pellets and everything. It's -10 C. Checked the highway conditions map.

JB tells me there was thunder and lightning at 4 a.m., and Annie growled at it, as she does!

Dec. 28

Dec. 27

Texas tornadoes, again... this time, 11 are dead.
Texas has been hard-hit

For those travelling the 401 east of Kingston: detour to Prescott.

Eastbound traffic on Highway 401 is being rerouted at Maitland late Sunday morning.
That was some weather! Freezing rain, and about a half inch of rain, on top of the freezing rain. The trees tip over until the ice melts. More disasters in the US, with tornadoes.

Dec. 26th

Christmas Eve

This is highly unusual. We can expect normal fluctuations, as Nancy's grandfather wrote! " In 1926 Joseph wrote in his diary, on JANUARY 16, that he went golfing"
says about 7,800 people are without power in , hundreds more on outskirts seeing blackouts;
High winds continue to cause outages. Over 83,000 customers affected. Crews are working to restore power.

Dec. 23

Image for the news result
Meteorologist Danielle Banks has the latest on a multi-day severe weather event that has ...

Dec. 22


DEc. 17

Dec. 14

Hydro outages across Ontario.

What a mess out there! Our satellite went out, but not our power. We had 15.24 mm (0.6") of rain.

Dec. 13th another freezing rain warning 

- then they cancelled that. They expected the freezing rain in Central Ontario.
Another tick on Dorah. This is unusual, as they are usually covered in snow.

Dec. 1st - began with a  freezing rain warning

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William Kendall said...

Here today it is snow, and you're not that far away.