Friday, 1 January 2016

Happy New Year: Daisy and I went antler hunting

Here it is, January 1st, 2016! I wish us all a wonderful year, full of joy and love.
Amid much bad news, we have to look for the helpers.
  • Canada has brought in 6236 refugees, and while it is a drop in the bucket, it is something many people have done. In two weeks, we will have brought in 10,000, now that the process is in place.
  • A local mother  of three, Elizabeth Harris (a PSW), lost her life in a tragic car incident on Dec. 30th. CBC covered the story. A friend set up a GoFundMe for the family. On the positive side, many have donated over the original $5000 request, the money was to help with funeral costs. Today's total is $23,465, which will provide a cushion for the now custodial father, who is in school retraining. 
All we can hope is that we give that gift of respect to one another. "Do unto others", or pay it forward, and for those who are in need, accept it as you can.  There is giving in receiving. I have been in receipt of much TLC as I have fought this horrid virus, some say it is croup. Hubby has been amazing, managing the household. I have also gained 5 kg, and will have to get back on track! He has another CT Scan this month, to check on the metastasis of his cancer. We'll see how that goes.

Our walkies

lovely walk!
It was my second extended walk since I became ill with this viral asthma. I am still using my puffer, I'm on canister #4, and quite happy to be outdoors. Sadly, I forgot to turn on the GPS until I was well onto the eastern edge of our 16 acres (lower starting point). At least I remembered to bring it with me!

Basically, I was following the deer tracks, as well as going out to the island ( middle, right), where the blood spatters sit. They sure wander around. The one doe with twins, the 2nd twin is always the last, seems to wander left around a tree, when momma and twin go right.
my subtotals
We weren't successful, shed hunting, but that doesn't matter.
It was a lovely day, cloudy but around 0˚  C.

Daisy is like Waldo. See if you can spot her in some of the photos, white on white! Once we retraced our steps, following the deer trail, I suggested she could go back to the house, but she was determined to follow me. She hops from boot print to boot print!

There is still lots of marking of territory, using the tarsal glands in their 'heels', although, as above, there is some clear urine from those not hormonal!

Oliver's lot

See her? She trots along the path, following me up the driveway. It's a long way for her little legs.

We went back to the island, where I found the blood drops, and tried to see if the shed was there. I rather think the buck lost it off in the wetland bulrushes. We looked everywhere, Daisy and I!

Later, nearer dusk, I found that this buck still has his right  antler. Surprising, since normally they lose the second one within 24 hours.

You can see his rear, left tarsal gland, dark with hormones. I don't think it is Tigger, but I'm not sure!


Nancy J said...

White on white, a little like trying to unpick black threads on black fabric!!! Love your story that goes with the photos, I can imagine being there, and that is the real success of any tale. Happy New Year, with thoughts of love and caring as you wait to go for the next scan.

Red said...

So a good walk provides opportunity for lots of good photos. I hope that you get back to good health very soon.

William Kendall said...

Hard to see her among all that white!

I find myself wondering if I'm dealing with strep throat.

Christine said...

All the best for 2016 Jenn, stay strong!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
Beautiful.... cold... but beautiful!!!

My sister is still coughing for Scotland too; however, a couple of weeks ago she began taking a daily soak in a bathful of dissolved epsom salts (a margarine-sized helping in each bach if not more) and there is no doubt that her lungs are easing and starting to rid the gunk more readily and her breathing improved considerably. Just mentioning.

Meanwhile, doesn't Daisy look great in the snow? Still envious of 'your' deer herd~! YAM xx