Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Senior found wounded near site of deer shooting

It is both hunting season and rutting season. Also, the deer are moving into their winter yards, where they congregate in the cold. SLow down on the roads, people!

I often complain about the noise of the OPP guns at the recertification range 500m across the wetlands of our backyard. This is a good reason to know they are certified.

They must hit their target, or there are serious consequences.

SIU investigating as senior found with possible gunshot wound after nearby police shoot injured deer

As rush hour was dying down Monday morning, police in Thornhill, north of Toronto, received a report of a “seriously injured deer” on the side of a road. Officers cordoned off a nearby intersection and then, using an undisclosed number of shots fired from an undisclosed firearm, they “put down” the animal.“Shortly after that, a 78-year-old man was found injured nearby,” read a Monday statement by the Special Investigations Unit, which is now leading a probe into the shooting.
Deer put out of its misery.


Nancy J said...

I cannot believe this, the deer was injured, not running, and it should take ONE shot, to put it out of misery. How trigger happy ( as it is called down here) can they be to fire so many shots? Stay safe Jenn and Mr J.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
...what Nancy said... (I actually shuddered, reading this)... YAM xxx

Red said...

I'm amazed that there aren't more people killed in this slaughter. They allow hunting in the middle of too many people.

Rideau Ferry said...

Hi Jenn, the article didn't say anything about hunting does it? A reasonable assumption may be the deer was previously injured from traffic or some other human/wildlife interaction. The issue seems to be development encroaching on wildlife causing this "slaughter". Hunting is legal, ethical, and socially accepted.


Jennifer A. Jilks said...

I'm not sure your point, mysterious, creepy lurker 'Rideau Ferry'.

My point is that deer are on the move, this is a high season for deer collisions, and drivers need to slow down. I was not disparaging you hunters, it's a choice and a hobby.

Hunting is socially accepted by some. It's the unexpected gunfire in the forest that sets off my mental health issues. Since I faced my last major depression, when being caregiver to mom and dad(2006), I have a low tolerance for loud, unexpected noises. It is most disturbing.You have no idea. I am better, but there are times when I lapse and we were not told about the shooting when we looked at the house in 2010. When the leaves are down, the noise is louder, as well. It's awful in the wee hours of the morning as well as in the night, when the OPP are doing their night time recertifiying, as they have done in the last few weeks. I have heard so many stories of stupid hunters and near misses. I have a right to complain and reason to be afraid.

Rideau Ferry said...

Hey Jenn,

Sorry, let me clarify....I wasn't commenting on your blog as you did not allude to hunting. Hunting is not your cup of tea and that's cool. Red mentioned about the "slaughter" and brought hunting into the conversation. I regret the confusion caused.

Not sure how you could have avoided the OPP shooting issue. Even if the real estate agent were aware of it, I'm sure they would only schedule showings when they weren't shooting.

Stories of poachers and other anti-social behaviour cause stereotype assumptions.....point being the majority of hunters are safe, ethical, law abiding, respectful, and generally physically attractive men and women (this might be a subjective opinion).

You have good neighbours Jenn, who enjoy hunting on their property during the all too short season. These neighbours ensure the aforementioned dangerous poachers due not trespass, making this little part of the world safer.


William Kendall said...

I wonder if there'll be hell to pay for the cop, or if this'll be yet another case of circling the wagons.