Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Remembrance Day 2015 Perth War Memorial

Maj. (ret'd) Eric Devlin, CD.
He was born in 1921.
He really enjoyed the ceremony!
He served in Korea.
Maj. (ret'd) Eric Devlin MC'd the ceremony. He was born in 1921.  He is a career military man, having joined the Canadian forces in 1942 and served in Korea, Japan, Europe and the Indo-China conflict, before moving into a personnel and training role.

The ceremony featured the Perth Citizens' Band, their bugler, with Lament, by Pipe Major, 42nd Heritage Pipes & Drums of Perth.

Crowds at the sides couldn't really hear the ceremony, but the piper, bugler and band did a fine job.

I sang loudly, Oh Canada, God Save the Queen, but especially when they played my moms favourite hymn:

Abide With Me!

It was, to quote my late Aunt Lill (1906 - 1981), a 'soft, grey day!'

One young lady passed out. She was as white as a ghost, but in good hands (4 paramedics, the chief, and 3 were women) and 100m from the Perth Hospital! Fortunately, they'd laid their wreath.


Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Guess what; it was a 'soft, grey day' here in the Down Underparts too! (I believe in Scotland, it was grey and far from soft...) The very world, then, adopted the mourning remembrance. Fitting. Thank you for all these shots - this day is not so marked in OZ - we have ANZAC day in April which matches it. YAM xx

Nancy J said...

Yesterday was fine, but today, 12th November down here, is "soft and grey".Heartwarming photos of the people there, the wreaths, many poppies and all those veterans. We live, and those who gave their lives for us left a legacy no-one can match.

Red said...

You were very busy at this ceremony. You show colorful ceremony.

William Kendall said...

It looks like a sizable crowd. There are always medics stationed at several locations here at the War Memorial just in case, but I didn't notice any of them involved in any emergency.

Christine said...

Just a lovely ceremony, there was a lot going on in the GTA as well.

UdyRegan said...

You are always getting the nicest pictures! I really should make it more of a point to grab pictures of events like this around my own area too. Otherwise my camera will really just be sitting in the storage room for nothing!