Saturday, 7 November 2015

Buster tails: feline aggression

Buster had been chasing the girls, not so much tough, old, barn cat Annabelle. She stands up to him. We learned to let him out at night, while the girls slept peacefully. Otherwise, his aggression just continues.

YES! He has been 'fixed!'

We've ruled out medical issues. He's a lean, healthy, active cat. We take long walks, during which he hunkers down, hides, and jumps out and attacks the others. We found him 3 km along another road, as he is out hunting, looking for prey.

I found another information site.

Oct., 29th, Tuesday morning 

Hubby was out getting the newspaper across the highway. Daisy followed him, and waited at the end of the driveway. Daisy and Buster both cross, usually looking and listening both ways before they cross. Buster came up behind her and they both ran across the street. A car slowed, seeing hubby there, or one or both cats would have been killed. This behaviour is escalating. He chased Dorah in the yard, and has done so on walks. Roaring over and rolling in the leaves with her.


I took Buster to the island for a walk. Unfortunately, Daisy followed us and he treed her, again. We'll have to do separate walkies. I dewormed him Nov. 6th, as well. 

In another incident

Lots of reasons
for aggression
We were outside, and Daisy followed me to the backyard. Dorah followed us to the back, where she was chippy hunting. Buster went after Dorah, with much wailing and screaming in total fear. I'm looking for any and all suggestions. Our friend, a vet tech, suggested Feliway. It seems a bit more complicated, as it is like airwick, that you plug into the outlet where they sleep.

I found him travelling about 3 km up the road (across the highway)  in August, far along the way in the forest. Since he began going after Sadie, I let him out at night, which seems to work out better for all of us, as he sleeps more in the day. I'm so angry and upset.

After talks with our vet, Dr. Sarah, she suggested Fluoxetine, which is an SSRI. Ironic, since I'm on antidepressants, too! He's very mushy with us, I brush him as much as I can. He's simply aggressive with the twins.

A SSRI works to prevent too much uptake of emotions chemicals in the brain. For me, when I was on too high a dosage, I found while I didn't cry, I didn't laugh as much, either. In the right dosage, it stops those deep, deep, sad periods and evens me out. It takes two weeks to work, and he had his first dosage Nov. 3rd. I'll keep you posted.

Ironically, I just saw this.

Oct. 29th


eileeninmd said...

Cute kitties! So Buster is being a bad kitty? I hope things settled down. Great photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

Out To Pasture said...

So sorry you are having this 'domestic' discord. Perhaps deep down in your subconcience you know that Buster's aggression can't be tolerated for much longer and he must go. An understandably upsetting situation. You (and your entire household) have my sympathy!

Breathtaking said...

Hello!:) Engaging images of your cats. I also hope that Buster stops being a bad boy.

Kay said...

Oh wow! Buster sounds like a real problem kitty.

William Kendall said...

Has he been fixed? I assume so.

Nancy J said...

This is so hard to have, and we had that with another cat that was here, she ran and leapt on our Felicity. Boris is almost as bad!!!Nothing helped. Is he entire or has he been castrated? Maybe this is his nature and will not change. Hang in there dear Jenn, having a feline family is lots of fun and love, but there are hard times,

Margaret Adamson said...

Bad boy Buster. Loved all the cat shots

Gary Steckly said...

Hi Jenn - I dropped over from Eileen's blog. I'm wondering if Buster is also an indoor cat. Would it help, if he is, to isolate him from the other cats for a few weeks with the Feliway inside. I think he needs a real awakening and maybe if he is kept in a smaller space with his food, litter, toys and a radio on with frequent visits from you would help him to forget this bad behaviour. Then introduce him back to the outdoors and if he does it again back inside for a time-out again. Some cats are so difficult to understand. Tortie's, Tuxedos, Calicos & Black cats tend to be the aggressive ones.

Mrs Shoes said...

Buster is handsome & the twins are sweet; I get how frustrating it must be that he's acting like this & not knowing 'why'.
I remember, when I was a kid, my Gramma had a QH gelding that could not be let out with mares; if that gelding got in with a mare in a corral he'd chased her & try to corner her & then try his best to kick the crap out of her. Gramma never had a bit of trouble with him when she rode & he was a working horse, she needed him or she'd been walking. I don't think they ever figured out any logical reason other than he didn't like girls. Since it was only a problem when he got turned out, he was always pastured with boys.
I realize when they're pets inside the house have to be held to a higher standard; I sure hope the meds make him more laid back, so that you come back & tell us that he's nice to have as part of the family.
I really liked that Dr. Dany article - thanks for linking to that.
p.s. What lovely photos

Red said...

Critter friends have their issues but they can't tell us so it makes it hard to find a solution.

Powell River Books said...

I'm not much on cat behaviour. I've had calm loving cats, and crazy mean cats. I didn't do anything different in raising them. Wish I had more to offer. - Margy

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

Yes, Buster has been fixed! It doesn't help.
We thought about the Feliway, but didn't think hubby should be inhaling it, too, since he has cancer and is on lots of immunity boosters. (Buster sleeps in his office!)

We're trying the antidepressants for now.
I cannot imagine isolating Buster. He needs to be outdoors when he want out there. What worries me, if we do this kind of punishment, Gary, he'd take it out on us. I'm not sure he has that kind of attitude that it is a time out!
We had an incident with another black cat years ago. He went feral.
Thanks for all your support, peeps!