Sunday, 27 September 2015

I planted two apple trees!

This is one of my favourite poems with my young granddaughters.

Way up high in the apple tree
Two little apples smiled at me
I shook that tree as hard as I could
Down came the apples
Mmmm they were good!

Yes, it's the season for apples and canning. I'm not much for that these days. We just don't eat that much! However, I know our deer, and Butch racoons, and the bees would love apple trees. You're supposed to plant two for pollination purposes. I did that Saturday, September 26th.

Speaking of Butch, I have the bird feeders out now. I was peering at the lovely moon last night, and saw two young racoons, Butch 2A and 2B under the front feeder. Out in the back yard, there were 3 clearing up under the back feeder! Those wicked Blue Jays like to spread the seed, as do the woodpeckers.

Hubby suggested we go visit one of our favourite local nurseries, Hillside Gardens, and we did. We bought some straw bales. Once there, I suggested we buy a couple of apple trees, since our cherry tree died with weather issues. He thought that would be good. Then, he though we should think about where to put them. I said, NO!!! Let's buy them and THEN figure it out! That's my style! (Did I mention, both my husband's have been accountants?!)

I had wonderful helpers digging two holes! Buster got bored fairly quickly, but he checked that I had everything on the cart. Daisy and Annabelle were right there with me for the duration.


Powell River Books said...

I have to transplant some cedars I gathered over the summer. They are in small pots right now, I want them to have more growth room when spring arrives. It would be fun to have an apple tree, but I don't want fruit to attract any bears on my cliff. - Margy

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Planting trees is good in all sorts of ways! If they bear fruit, all the better. YAM xx

Red said...

I hope your efforts pay off with many apples.

Cloudia said...

May your enjoy many such fun days, Jenn


William Kendall said...

The cats must be wondering "what's she doing now?"