Saturday, 19 September 2015

Bridgeview restaurant in Johnstown,

I had a difficult volunteer assignment Thursday morning. I was an escort for a hospice client, who required wheelchair transportation. To make it work, hubby drove me to the home in another town, I rode with the client, and hubby picked me up while the client had the procedure. It was to take 90 minutes, and hubby picked me up and took me home. He drove me back to the hospital. I rode in the vehicle, and he picked me up again. When he picked me up at 12:30, he suggested we take a drive to get my mind off of it. I'm not great in hospitals, or with needles.

We were trying to find the restaurant we ate in five years ago. It was on the St. Laurence, there was a bridge, and it was somewhere near Cardinal and Belleville. He always has wonderful travel notions!

Unfortunately, hubby's pulled pork didn't agree with him, and he had a sleepless night. It's always a risk, being intolerant to yeast, dairy, eggs, as well as his sensitivities. He brings wraps, and can usually put a hamburger in one (hold the bun)! The pulled pork looked OK. It's a fun spot, right on the water, and its a little marina.
The end of the trip was a visit to Fort Wellington. More on this later!
We weren't sure where it was, but it was near Prescott, in Johnstown. We finally found it! It was wonderful seeing the water. Open water, not frozen, yet! This is the bridge to the US.


William Kendall said...

It does look like a lovely area, Jennifer!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Nice bridge... boats... water........ what's not to like?! (well.. other than the pork..) YAM xx