Friday, 21 August 2015

Vancouver hotels and our view!

Hubby loves his maps!
We arrived in Vancouver at midnight. It was a last-minute thing.

It was tricky trying to find a last-minute hotel, even the info people didn't know... finally we found a Smartboard with the information. Do it yourself stuff.

We asked all over the airport for the hotel info. One person at Domestic didn't know. She directed us to the International help desk, saying they had worked here longer than she had! Eventually, we found it. It used to be a bank of phones, with numbers nearby for hotels.

This first hotel, in Richmond, near the airport, was $300/night. It was near the SkyTrain, put in for Expo or some such. The view, otherwise, was pretty grim. It was a room for disabled customers, and was roomy, at least.

Outside the first hotel, we waited for Jess to pick us up and take us to his co-op townhouse in Vancouver.

We took Jess' 2nd car to Richmond.
Our 2nd hotel, booked in advance on Visa points, had a better view. Sort of. The parking lot of the HUGE movie complex. There are several restaurants.

I was up, couldn't sleep at midnight, and the lot was absolutely FULL on cheap Tuesdays! This hotel is  in Steveston, and only $269/night!

Our rooms, separate bedroom with a door, two TVs, on the 2nd floor!

It was a nice room. We don't tend to cook on vacation, though.

I guess, if most of your clientele are of average height, this would suffice. Our kids would be too tall for this! The window opened, which was great as then we didn't need the A/C as hubby is always cold! Neat little inserts where you reached in to open the window, and close it.

I couldn't help giggle at this family. You should have seen the luggage. I was trying to figure out how many people it belonged to, and it seemed to by just the three of them.

This kid was jumping on the couch, climbing over the water fountain behind him. Mother was on her Smartphone!

They had School Bus Tours, with a ton of cute,
young Asian students. All dressed up. At first I thought
they were there for a wedding, they were so nicely dressed!

Amazing -watching the morning rush hour! A BUSY CITY. Also, we watched tennis, while in between other things!

I really like the sink area. A shelf under the sink was really convenient. One doesn't need a cupboard.

This was a mystery I never figured out. One room had this red button. Hubby said I couldn't push it!

These lobby lights were sparkly!

You can see the Asian influence in many parts of Greater Vancouver.

And we're off to the airport, home again, home again, jiggety jig. Although it took us all day to find a plane with standby seats for us! More on that later! PK drove us. She was a pistol!


William Kendall said...

Quite a full trip for you to have made!

Red said...

You found first class place to stay.

DUTA said...

They say Vancoover is the culinay capital of Canada. I suppose the asian population there has a lot to do with it , as with other fields of life (the asian structure in your two pictures, is a good example of asian influence).

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
I quite like going by 'the seat of my pants' but it can lead to overpaying and understaying! ...however did you hold yourself back from pressing that darned button?!! YAM xx

EG CameraGirl said...

Nice place to stay!