Thursday, 19 March 2015

This winter hangs heavily, when will it end?

those drops are horrible!
I'm finding the winter laying heavily on my psyche. I'm sure many can sympathise. Our sub-zero temperatures have ranged widely. Normally, for our wonderful syrup producers, March brings sub zero C. temps overnight and daytimes of 10+ C., which are the perfect conditions for sap rising in the day and lowering in the night.

'new' March 28th, 2012
The news is awful, with violence and horrible incidents. Not everyone is a terrorist, not all Muslims, either. Our Prime Minister advocating for us to shoot intruders... Warning us against women modestly wearing hijabs (head scarves). We have to remember that there are good people in the world, peacemakers, but they don't make the news. Rant over.

My eyes are changing, and reading has been difficult. I had my eyes examined, no point having my head examined! I felt really awful, as the drops exacerbated the changes in my eyes.

My distance vision is improving, after 58 years of it getting worse. From -8.5 it's gone to -6.5, but my near sightedness is worse. I ordered reading glasses, just for bed time reading. They have really helped. Old age sucks, but the alternative...
They've made such
improvements to them!

Thing is, I've noticed I'm uncomfortable on the computer, as well as watching TV. New glasses cost me big-time, what with graduated and extra-thin lenses to avoid coke bottles. Our vision is so important, however. Perhaps next month I'll order new ones. No disease, which is good.

Indoor repairs are nearly defeating me. I had to replace a phone jack. I should have put on my 'reding' glasses. It was corroded and every time I am in the basement working out (10 - 11:00!) the phone rings, but I cannot hear the caller. There was a certain amount of swearing as I dropped tools, and the wee screws, and needed yet another tool from the garage, then the molly didn't fit. I persevered, and it's not a pretty job, but the phone hangs off of the wall and it works.

Cats are feeling hard-done-by, after spring-like temps of 10 C., then a cold snap. They are grumpy and growly, Daisy whacked at both her sisters, hormones on legs, I think. I tried to trim Annabelle's claws, and it didn't go well. I tried again, plopping her on the footstool, and snuggling hard. She was not amused, but I did it.
The deer are hungry. They've decided to help with gardening. You can see how they trimmed the foliage for me.

My Trailcam has only revealed Wild turkeys crossing the path.

Trailcam turkeys from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.
Night after night, nothing on the camera! Just wild turkeys...

Daisy and I took a walk down to 'The Point', an outcropping of forest into the wetland, to harvest the overnight videos. Nada. And yet, there is coyote scat along the path. Clever little devils. I am so disappointed. The walking is treacherous, either you sink in the deep snow, or you could twist an ankle on the frozen ground. You can see the edge of the wetland where the ice has melted and refrozen.

Daisy managed to find some grass to eat. She fervently hopes for spring, too!

When we returned home, climbing up the hill from the meadow, Buster greeted us. He did not deign to go walkies. He was hard to spot, sitting between the fence posts.

We went to Carleton Place, where swans were rumoured to be, and none were there. A wild swan chase...

This morning, again, we have -10 C. and I have had to get a fire going. Hubby, again, dispatches Meals on Wheels, the third time this week. Afterwards, we plan on searching for Trumpeter swans who are reportedly in the locks towards the southeast of us. The water in the locks tends to flow rather quickly, which impedes its freezing. The migrating birds, anxious to get back north and get breeding, hold up in in the flowing water.


William Kendall said...

Spring is an elusive rumour of conjecture and half truths.

Those turkeys look like such characters.

Karen said...

Oh Jenn, I'm having the SAME issues with my eyes, frustrating isn't it? I'm having to buy TWO pair of bifocals and a pair of single vision distance glasses!
I try to get out every day with the dog. It's hard going though. Our bush is out of bounds because the snow is too deep. The bush road is pure ice (but someone spread ashes on the hills!) and the road out to the highway is sticky mud. I've managed to keep my body intact, but my eight year old border collie has wrenched his shoulder.
But we persevere! The sun is shining!

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Your winters would do me in.

I love your trailcam. I'd be thrilled with wild turkeys. At least for a while.

I love that your cats go on walkies with you.

Anonymous said...

A lovely set of shots, although I do hope it warms up soon.

Hilary said...

The changes in vision sure are an unpleasant part of aging.. but at least there are things we can do about it. Fun photos and video as always.

Nancy J said...

Well, we have winter rapidly approaching, 2 Celsius at 6 a.m., that is cold for here in March. Hooray, the fireplace chimney man arrives today, new inserts go in, gutters and flues are cleaned, OOOHHH to be young and agile again. Take Care Jennifer and Mr J, surely your days will warm up soon.

Powell River Books said...

I get my eyes tested this year before I take my flight physical. Every two years I always worry about my vision, but so far so good. - Margy

Out To Pasture said...

'Just' wild turkeys? I would be thrilled to find them in my trail cam videos. I think the foxes and coyotes can hear the camera start up (I can hear nothing) because I see by their tracks that they detour around the camera and out of range.
Like you, I'm really looking forward to snowless walks again.
Cheers, Florence

Red said...

I like your rant. We do not have any other choice but to look at each person and what they stand for. there is good wherever you look . You can't paint all people with the same brush. I'm impressed with your handiwoman achievements.(I notice that the spell check labels handiwoman wrong and handiman right???) It's hard not to be grouchy after a long nasty winter.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
...what everyone else already said, really... just wanted to let you know I 'listened'! &*> YAM xx

Gill - That British Woman said...

Spring is certainly taking it's sweet time that's for sure!!

".E." Lizard Breath Speaks, It's Beth said...

i use to wear glasses as a kid ... my eye did improve so i stopped wearing them ... probably in 5th grade. now i am thinking it is time to start looking into getting a pair. i notice a change. i think it due to me working on the computer so much. you look pretty with glasses. i love glasses. ( :

Christine said...

spring is almost here Jenn!

Kay said...

Me too! I'm also having difficulty with my near vision. I'm wondering if I need prisms in my glasses.

Ouch! I didn't know you had to trim nails.