Thursday, 31 July 2014

July weather - tornados, heat, cold, rain

Total rainfall

We had some massive rains. The highlight was on July 27th with 48mm falling.

There was heat on the east and west coasts of Canada, while this strange sort of Polar vortex streamed cooler air down the central part of the continent, sucking up moisture from the Great Lakes.

Colder air holds more moisture, and those winds were something.

The west coast has had terrible fires, with drought conditions. 

I've been using the water barrel to keep my Goldfish pond filled. (The filed mice have chewed holes in it!)

When the barrel fills, the overflow
automatically drains into the pond.
It has been working very well for me. 
Goldfish, Geraldine bullfrog, leopard frogs!

Eighth tornado of the season in Ontario. (Attached is the image we posted 15 minutes before the Tornado Warning...

Massive dump of rain July 27

We had 22mm in the morning, and over an hour, another 46mm! The afternoon rendered up thunder and lightning. One bolt struck as I was gazing out into the back yard. I screamed, it was such a shock!

Fires out west

They've been terribly dry all along the western part of the continent. 

July 13


July 12

July 8

  July 7

Only about 1 mm! In the meantime, the maritimes were hammered by Hurricane Arthur. The prairies have floods and crops cannot go in. 

July 2nd

  1. Storm, heat warnings, weather watches end for Ottawa, Gatineau ...

    Ottawa Citizen-Jul 1, 2014Share
    ... were closing off sections chemin Kennedy in Luskville and chemins Kennedy and Dion in Quyon, Que., because of trees blocking the road.
Sinkhole in Luskville | Quebec highway 148 remains closed by sinkholeSevere weather  has caused a giant sinkhole in one of the Pontiac region's main highways.
Flooding in Saskatchewan.

  1. More than 150 acute care patients and long-term residents have been moved from a hospital in eastern Saskatchewan because of flooding.

July 1st

This storm only brought us 3mm! We haven't had serious rain since June 24th.

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William Kendall said...

I'm close enough to you, so we're getting the same weather. No real heat waves as of yet.