Thursday, 31 July 2014

Don't you love grandchildren!

I went to visit, since my daughter and I went out to a show together. I don't think we've done this, ever!

Caitlin picked up the girls off from Day Care, came home, then we took a few minutes to visit. We didn't have long, since the girls had swimming lessons. PaPa was in charge, and off they all went, he'd already made their picnic dinner. 
After the show, I had a sleepover at the kids' house. It was so much fun! 
There is a wiggly tooth in there!

Isn't she sweet?
Mommy gets ready for work.
Our Foam Girls movie
was a hit!
Isn't it cute?
 I snuck out to the new playhouse that the neighbours had given to our girls. Their little girls are all big girls, now and wanted it to be used.

I remember their children waving and watching as the bridal party left for the church wedding, in 2005 when the kids were married. Where does the time go? Their teenage girls are beyond this.

Isabelle was quite pleased with the playhouse, as they planted snow peas in the hanging planter. She explained that she will be able to lean out of the window and grab a pea to eat! She is such a sweetie!

Even has a mailbox
Grampa bought some stickers and
made some cards!

I popped Grampa's cards in!

As for me, I was in town early before Caitlin was off work, and went shopping for a few things: wee pencil crayons, in a box, with a sharpener built in. Also, several post-it notes and a small notebook.
I went into the playhouse and left some crafty things, a fave in their house!

chairs, window, chalkboard!

 Wasn't that a fun surprise?!


Olga Hebert said...

I love the special playhouse. Your granddaughters are so cute--they do add a certain sparkle, it is easy to see.

Nancy J said...

A nifty wee playhouse, and surprises, even mail in the letter-box. You are such special grands, ( the older ones, not the girls),... you and PaPa, the girls are so blessed. Hugs,Jean.

Roan said...

Cute! I bet they love their new house and I like that it has its own mailbox! Cool!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Well for goodness sake - I could live in that wee hoosie myself!!! How lucky are the grandkids? YAM xx

William Kendall said...

That is a cute playhouse!

Red said...

You bet grand kids are great...even when they're 12 and 14.