Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Sunday afternoon drive: Lanark Highlands

The Amish Store
No Amish were harmed in the making...
but none were evident.
Both of us are fighting some health issues. I put my back out. SIGH.
We decided a drive about the area was called for.

Gotta love that Balderson cheese!

I began my photos in Balderson, while we let someone pass us. The traffic on highway #511 was constant.

Several young, male drivers were doing well beyond the speed limit, and passed us. Sun roof open, engine gunning as they passed slower traffic, music blaring.

Stop and smell the roses dudes! Or at least drive safely!
Lanark mural
Happy horses
Skating rink in a flooded field.
This is rural Ontario!
Love those old barns
Still sledding season

Most rivers have ice

Dreary colours, but spring is on the horizon!

Love this small bridge

See the deer tracks on the edge of the ice?
 Isn't it pretty? I love the deep blue of the water.

Joes Lake

Hubby let the trucker by. 
The soft road had some ice and mud!
Strange working on a Sunday afternoon!

Yes, Lanark Highlands afternoon drive!

Frozen lakes

We went to Poland!

Such great old buildings.
Gramma was taking the grandkids for a walk (far right).

Smoke detectors – not just a good idea,
it's the law.

I love these old school houses!
The sign says Hopetown School #13 - Lanark

Need firewood?

Everyone needs a man cave! I love the dead flowers hanging in the basket. Someone tried to put on a softer touch!


Olga said...

I pull over for fast drivers when I am on a sight-seeing tour. Sometimes not fast enough, apparently. Hope you are feeling a bit better after getting out to see signs of spring.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Drive in the country is a good way to heal sometimes! Hope you feel better.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Oh yes, nothing like a cruise in the countryside... loving these shots - and the one of daisy sleeping on the fish tank. Hilarious. The sun has decided to pay us a visit this week - folk out in shirt sleeves! Blessings, YAM xx

Red said...

You have some awesome photos of early spring. Look after yourself. Get better.

Karen said...

LOVE Balderson Cheese! We eat far too much of it in this house. My road is a mud rut mess. Even driving the little car down the road is a trial as the muck tries to yank it all over the place!
Hope you get feeling better soon.