Monday, 10 March 2014

Afternoon wetland walkies with Daisy

She wanted to go far,
deer/coyote trails are good.
I didn't need snowshoes,
as I've walked this path several times.
right across the wetland,
on our way home
 It was a lovely day for a walk. Daisy led me right across the frozen bog. She is a trail buddy with energy.

The deer carcass, beside the house, is slowly being picked at by crows (by day), coyotes and wolf at night.

On our walk, I found spots where canines had dragged a piece and had a meal, with fur everywhere on the trail.

It was a strange walk, as normally we don't see much evidence of their kills.
Yes, normally lots of tracks, but there was deer, coyote and wolf scat all along our usual backyard walking trail. Daisy would sniff at it and move along. It confirms the cycle of life, how we are all connected by this long, cold winter, and how many survive.

Exhausted, she fell asleep after walkies,
dreaming of fish?
Her favourite nap site.

Lovely spot, under the pine tree in the sun.
Back home, Buster had had a morning nap
after his evening jaunts.
He decided to sit under the pine tree in the sun.
The cats love this spot.
Just after I snapped this,
he did a giant leap, snagged a mouse,
which he duly brought onto the front deck to chew.
I had to clean off the blood later.

Coyote tracks beside the house!
 squirrels are busy


EG CameraGirl said...

All sounds lovely except for the mouse at the end. ;)

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

So pretty. I wouldn't even mind the mouse too much. But I would mind the cold -- my feet would hurt I'm sure. Am too old for winter.

Red said...

Kind of scary to have some of these critters feasting so close to your house.

Karen said...

A musician acquaintance of ours, Terry McLeish, had a deer kill on the Ottawa R. in front of his place yesterday. He hauled it up to watch the progress a little closer. I think he's planning to write a song about it!