Tuesday 24 December 2013

Kingston has been hit hard this month

First, a dramatic helicopter rescue, during a massive fire, and then hard hit by the power outages due to the ice storm, Kingston has largely been ignored by the media.
Other places, like Prince Edward County, are a mess, as well.

Falling trees and tree limbs hitting power lines continue to cause power problems in our area. Before 9 this morning, close to 9 thousand hydro customers lost power again in Prince Edward County.

Published on 24 Dec 2013
Kingston, ON December 2013
After what was arguably one of the most dramatic weeks in the history of Kingston, Ontario - courtesy of a major fire, helicopter rescue from a crane and extreme weather in the form of an ice storm - Mayor Mark Gerretsen and Deputy Mayor Sandy Berg issue a thank you message to City of Kingston staff and residents.


Hilary said...

I love the city of Kingston and hate to see them hurting. But they've got the best people.. military and police work so well together there. There's a great sense of community.

Kay L. Davies said...

Terrible about Kingston, Jenn. It seems there is always a place that gets hit hard at Christmas time. So sad, while we are enjoying sunshine and blue skies above the remaining snow.
Dick and I are going out for Chinese food tonight because we decided to cook a small, fresh turkey tomorrow. Dick, of course, saw some nice ones at one store but decided to look elsewhere in case they cost less. Which they didn't. So now he has to go back to see if there are any left at the first place. He is a good shopper, and I'm happy to let him do it, but he doesn't know simple things like "small turkeys disappear fast on Christmas Eve in cities with large populations of retired people"!! You know, the kinds of things women are born knowing. LOL
Wishing you and your husband and the cats a warm and happy Christmas. I hope you will be seeing those precious granddaughters of yours.
Love and hugs,

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
OMW this will either take the edge off or put the edge into Christmas!! (Depends on your use of the vernacular). Either way; bad news.

Sending blessings and prayers for all. YAM xx