Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Still there are many without power across the continent

Across Canada
Some 270,000 homes and buildings remain without power across Central and Eastern Canada, as crews continue to work to restore service after an ice storm that threatens to leave people in the dark over Christmas.

Others report rolling brown-outs. The mayor of Toronto has collated data, but right across the continent there are many without power, news or coordinated help. People are stuck in maritime airports, as the storm moved east.
  • Hydro One serves customers across southern Ontario. They have 55,600 homes without power today.
  • York Region, north of Toronto, 6400 homes are powerless.
  • Hydro Quebec has 32,000 outages.
  • Nova Scotia 4400 outages.
  • New Brunswick 47,000.

In Toronto

Update this morning from the city of Toronto. They had 110 carbon monoxide related calls, usually there are only 20. People are bringing generators and BBQs indoors and two have died from a gas-powered generator, with a total of 5 deaths, 3 people in Quebec have died. Anything that burns, gas or BBQ, you will poison yourself. Even candles pose problems, as well. They can be dangerously close to curtains, or prone to tipping over.

  • Down to 115,000 people in Toronto without power.
  • Ottawa and Windsor crews have arrived, and 50 crews worked overnight.
  • The last 50,000 are one-offs, with one house out per street.
  • TTC fully restored except Sheppard.
  • Fire & EMS continue to work hard, with 3100 calls.
  • Scarborough is the worst hit area. They have 48 forestry crews, 100 debris crews working at the damage.
  • Manitoba and Michigan crews will arrive Wednesday.

Tues. Morning pretty cold!
Mainly sunny
Mainly sunny

P.O.P: 10%
Wind NW 5 km/h
Wind gust -
Humidity 94%

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