Monday 23 December 2013

Don't you love webcams?

I've been watching one, through uCornell. It is located in Manitouwadge, Ontario. Tammie and Ben Haché run it. I've sent a donation to support the university bird website, since it opens up the rest of the feeder world to me! You can search for birds, their songs, and it helps ID them.

Tammie can be seen refilling the feeder and cleaning off the snow in the mornings. She has many varieties of birds. Here is a pine grosbeak (red) and an evening grosbeak.
Gray jay
American crow with goldfinch
The other morning, after a light snow, the grouse was there doggy-digging to get to the buried seeds. So fun to watch! I've taken a few screen captures, just for fun, since you miss a good show if you aren't watching it when the birds are there!

The grouse was there in the early morning. Tammie tells me that they spot themselves in the lens of the camera, sometimes. Hence their interesting reactions.
Several cats have been enjoying this, too!
Joanne's cat!

Tammie fills the feeder in the snow!
The grouse back again, Dec. 25th for food!


Anonymous said...

Web cams are fantastic. I love that snowman feeder with great bird sightings.

Billy Blue Eyes said...

Good idea I must try it sometime

Red said...

I must take a look at this site.