Monday, 23 December 2013

Train and truck collision in Perth, Ontario

The truck was moved about 800m along the track
The OPP’s Lanark Detachment Commander Derek Needham reported a train and truck incident just after 3:30 this morning.

The train hit the dump truck at the Wilson St. crossing (near Foodsmiths), then dragged it past Drummond St, before coming to a rest near Isabella, behind the hospital. The driver of the dump truck suffered minor injuries, likely a quick trip. Fortunately, no one on board the train was hurt.
This is the train crossing before the incident

It is amazing how such an incident can shut down a town. Traffic was rerouted, and streets were closed. Long, heavy trucks in the middle of the town couldn't turn easily, taking up both lanes in the middle of this old town.
There is no quick route around, traffic had to go along
Christie Lake Rd. - something like 6 km trip!

With both Drummond and Wilson Streets closed, traffic was rerouted along Glen Tay. Quite the detour for my grocery trip!
Gore St. & a transport truck
- do you think we need a ring road?

Wilson St. closed at Sunset Blvd.
Cleaning up on Wilson at Foodsmiths
 The traffic was heavy along the detour route. Happily, it was all cleared up  before noon.

Perth to send delegation to MP Reid to discuss rail safety

Published on January 15, 2014 by 
Boldt, who is chair of protective services, wants to talk to Reid about measures that can be taken to improve rail safety in the town and throughout the country.
Fire Chief Steve Fournier says 22 trains pass through Perth each day. On Dec. 23, the next train passing through town after the accident, had 82 cars loaded with crude oil.

Nearly finished clean-up

Lots working, evidence photos?

Mather St. blocked towards Wilson

Glen Tay Rd. crossing

Debris at Drummond & the train track

Lots of debris off of Drummond St.

Debris at Drummond St.

Lots of traffic as Drummond opened up around 10 a.m.

One person commented:
I have no idea how this accident happened, however, there are 2 recent incidents to consider. On Dec 16, 2013 at approx. 6:00 p.m. and on Nov. 4, 2013 at approx. 10:50 p.m. the signals were flashing and the barriers were down at both crossings on Wilson St and Drummond St but there were NO trains. In both cases, cars were cautiously winding their way around the barriers. I was at both of these situations and was in a car that went around the barriers. I know that the Nov.incident lasted at least 20 minutes and that the Dec. incident at least 15 minutes and perhaps longer. There was no one from the police or fire sevices in either case. On the night of Nov. 4, I phoned the police at about 11:00 p.m. and was advised that they were aware of the problem and that they had been in touch with the railway but were not otherwise involved.
Everyone was treating it like a 3-way stop
or no one would have moved!

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Red said...

It's rather surprising what some people live through. What's a gravel truck doing at 3:30 AM?