Monday, 11 November 2013

Remembrance Day is here again

I am amazed how a writer or veterans, can diss the entire teac
Remembrance Day, Perth
hing profession, claiming what teachers do or do not do. Kids are keen, interested and have been exposed to many family stories.

Linda Granfield is a prolific author, with many books that write of soldiers, veterans and war, specifically for elementary children. With instant news and TV coverage of horrific sights, drones murdering civilians and children, I would think that young kids need not know about war as the older ones do.

This is one of my favourite photos!

 Linda Granfield complains on CBC's Fresh Air, with the work-to-rule last year, many teachers did not put on a school assembly around Remembrance Day, but we've always taught lessons around it. Whether there is a big assembly, or not. Teachers are doing a fine job in schools. Perhaps she is only flogging her books at the expense of our profession. Kids adore talking about the personal family history with regards to war. I think, last year, without parents jumping in front of one another, trying to capture an entire assembly on video, holding up their iPads in front of the people behind them; perhaps last year the lessons were delivered in classrooms with more respect than has been done in many years.

We did much writing about war and peace, about what veterans went through, and visited the War Museum in Ottawa. They developed an amazing website, based on trench warfare, back when I was teaching.

Korea, The Forgotten War
Many have published autobiographies and biographies for us to read. Many of my students lived through war: The Gulf War, some had fled into the hills to avoid war, some were Vietnamese Boat Children, others have been refugees, some from Somalia. We need not educate some kids about war.


Another death in Afghanistan Canadian soldier found dead in Afghanistan Bombardier Karl Manning became the 156th Canadian soldier to die in Afghanistan and the second to be killed in 2011.

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