Sunday, 10 November 2013

Ms. Maintenance has been busy with the caterpillar

A bit small for 2 cats,
even wee Daisy and big Buster
Our fun 'caterpillar' provides great entertainment for the cats.
I found that the top level is too small, even for the twins.
Two levels, with two cubbies!

Finding some scrap wood, screwing it to the top, I added a wider top.
I trimmed the cover, made from leftover curtain material, and stapled it firmly.  I might yet trim it and staple the sides, but we shall see!
Many call in important interior designers. We have a cat entertainment system in the living room!
Daisy and Dorah
Daisy falls asleep standing up.

Not thrilled with the flash!

Dorah likes to put her paw on us.


Olga said...

There you go...the cats approve.

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

Except, this morning, Dorah was on her back, grabbing at the curtain closer rod, and fell off! I tried not to laugh. Tried...
I should have put on a larger edging.

Kay said...

Your kitties look like beautiful porcelain figurines.

Kay L. Davies said...

I love your cats, Jenn. Daisy does look so small next to Buster.
And I'm afraid I'd have laughed at Dorah falling off when trying to grab the curtain closer rod!
Lindy provides us with much entertainment, too, the very best kind.
Luv, K