Thursday, 7 November 2013

It's hunting season in Ontario: 6 injuries!

Deer-hunting season comes with self-inflicted hazards

UPDATE: We're up to 6 injuries in Southeastern Ontario!
It's better than the 'good old days!'  In the 1960s there were more than 100 incidents a year. By the 70s, there were 16 people that died. Now, there is better training. These days, we can expect about 10 incidents per year.

  • All ages get hurt, it seems. A 75-year-old in North Glengarry Township.
  • A 23-year-old in North Grenville.
  • A 59-year-old outside Smiths Falls.

On their way, via boat,
to hunt on Crown Land.
A 22-year-old died last year. This year 6 men have had serious incidents.

Deer hunting season begins.
I've whined about the hunters near-by, since our property abuts one where they target shoot (for hours all day) and hunt sporadically, which isn't so bad. We have 16 acres, they have 35. I'll not go on about it. Sorry! For me, the noise is terrible.

I think it terribly sad that with the season just beginning, there have been 5 shooting incidents. (You cannot call them accidents. I figure it is a self-inflicted wound!) Basic safety says, keep you finger off the trigger, point it away from yourself, keep the safety on until you're ready!

Excellent grounds crew!
 Illegal hunting is the bane of landowners around the province, whether they hunt or not. Hunting violations are reported by the MNR. One neighbour, with 600 acres, finds hunters parking near their land, and off they go in, without permission. I understand the traditions of the 'sport', and further understand that many fill their freezers, especially in the north, whilst culling herds, but stupidity abounds. Disrespect for property and property owners, and pollution, exists on the land, water and in the air.

Man seriously injured in hunting accident in Madoc, Ont.
This incident involved a 59-year-old man on Weedmark road in Montague Township.
"Provincial police say officers were called to the scene in a wooded area north of Madoc on Monday after a man who was with a group of hunters accidentally shot himself."

target practice
The others took place in Tudor and Cashel Township, about 80 kilometers north of Belleville, and in Odessa. There were two who shot themselves in the hand, one on the torso.
Next: a Barrie report:
Since Monday, five people have been accidentally shot while hunting in Ontario – one incident was on Monday near Ottawa, and four people were shot yesterday including a 17-year-old near Peterborough, a man in Huron County and two people in Essa Township.
A North Glengarry man, 75, also sustained a gunshot injury when his shotgun accidentally discharged on Nov. 7. So far police have laid charges in only one of these cases – a teen from Essa has been charged with careless use of a firearm and that gun has been seized by police as part of the investigation.

2013 Hunting Regulations Summary Cover
Hunting Regs.
for 2013/2014
The Ministry of Natural Resources is asking for our help to curb illegal hunting. (Hunting Regs. for 2013/2014Hunters are reminded they have to unload and encase firearms from a half hour after sunset to a half hour before sunrise. It is also illegal to possess a loaded firearm, or shoot a firearm in a vehicle. 

If you know of anyone partaking in any illegal hunting, which also includes hunting without a license, you’re asked to call your local police and report it. 1-888-310-1122 You’re also reminded that your report can be completely anonymous. To contact the Ontario MNR about hunting concerns or illegal hunting practices contact the MNR’s tip line: 1-877-TIPS-MNR (1-877-847-7667).
For hunting rules and regulations, visit or
That ends my public service information!


Pearl said...

hunting season is what drove me back to the city. too many careless hunters. gunfire in the forest all around, which wasn't theirs. I mean in Christmas presenting hunting, we don't get a licence to do break and enters, do we?

Rideau Ferry said...

Actually, trespassers are the bane of landowners. Thank you.

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

We once had the neighbour's kids snowmobile down the driveway and across the frog pond, not realizing, I think, that it was private property. I was angry.
Fortunately, I had a photo of the particular yellow snowmobile, and sent it to her in an email.
Her mother bought our home, too. I hope they aren't still doing that! Such disrespect for private property.
I wonder of landowners are responsible if someone is hurt on their property?!