Thursday, 7 November 2013

Deer visitors: a buck and a doe!

We had two deer visitors yesterday morning. A 2-point male and a female.
To be safe, I photographed them with the zoom lens through the sliding glass doors just in case they bolted. Still, they aren't bad photos, even with the glare and the anti-bird decals.

Something caught her attention

But she resumed feeding on the grass.
She eyed me to determine if I was a threat.
 Then she looked off towards the bench and fence.
What was she watching?

Guess who? See the white cat on the fence.
She looks at me as if to ask what it was doing!
Then, I opened the door and tip toed out onto the deck.
She hung around, he went down below, then popped his head back up.
I wonder if they are mother/son? I know we're approaching rutting season. Dear Tigger liked to visit with his female family.
The male went down into the gully.

He was keeping close tabs on the female.

Here he is to the right of the wind sock.
She began wandering off and he followed her. 

Someone took care of
a pumpkin I tossed!


Pearl said...

lovely deer photos!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

NIce -- I would enjoy your visitors!

Red said...

It's really cheeky how they watch you from cover. Most people don't see them. Good job of getting both of them in the same photo.

Powell River Books said...

We saw a deer crossing the road here in town. I worry about them so crossing all the heavy traffic. - Margy

retriever said...

Wonderfull deer fotos, greeting from Belgium

Kay said...

Oh my! What sleek and beautiful creatures.

Hilary said...

Beauties, they are. I hope we'll be seeing a few around our space before too long.