Saturday, 12 October 2013

You can tell it is the fall equinox!

  • It's cold in the morning. 
  • The sunrises are amazing. 
  • The cats are buried under blankets in the morning. 
  • The leaves are an amazing colour. 
  • Geraldine bullfrog hunkers down in her plant pot in the mud. 
  • The turkeys are in our backyard, evading hunters in this, hunting season. 
  • I've created some turkey art (Thanksgiving arrives this weekend). 
  • I bought a lovely tail painting, by the famous cat artist, Napster. It's called Goldfish, and has definite fall colouring. 
  • Table centres are ready for Thanksgiving dinner this weekend. Turkey is ordered. Veggies bought.
  • Daisy hunkers down on top of the fish tank light, which has some heat.

Camera Critters #288


sandyland said...

interesting and funny mine do not go under blankets ??

Karen said...

I love autumn. Looks like the cats are comfy! Happy Thanksgiving!

Snap said...

Happy Thanksgiving! you've captured beautiful fall color.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous fall shot and all the kitties 'snuggling in' ~ carol (A Creative Harbor)

Jackie McGuinness said...

Great fall post!

Billy Blue Eyes said...

Your right about getting colder, we had to put the thicker duvet on to keep warm at night

Anonymous said...

I love all these fall shots.

Louisette said...

Lovely fotos and cats,in a confortable place, greeting from Belgium

SquirrelQueen said...

I love all your fall colors. My cats are beginning to hide under the blankets and throws now too so it must be autumn.