Friday, 9 August 2013

Docktales! What is at your dock?

Docks are important to cottage life.  I wrote a post illustrating with photos about boathouses, last March. CBC features a show on the long weekend in August, and this struck a chord for me.


You jump off of it. Lots of critters use our docks. We park at the dock. Beavers may chew it.
We tie things to it. We fish off of it. For those who have boat access only cottages, it is crucial.
Fishing, with my dad,  on the dock
–circa 1965.
Fishing off the dock (where we would swim!)
Jumping off of the dock

  They tie up airplanes at the dock

Critters on the dock

–both two- and four-footed critters, large and small, in all seasons!

There are large and purposeful public and private docks

Islands need docks!

Then there is Andrew Cumming who has a 9 m (14') monster on his Lake Muskoka dock! You can see this monster on Baxter Island. (SEE MAP: Just to the left of the "E" in Eilean Gowan Island.) He seems quite proud of it, despite some controversy.   Cumming's been handing out press releases about his sculpture and doing interviews. I wouldn't want to see the monster in the fog! It doesn't seem to fit in with the peace, tranquility and beauty of cottage country. But that is just me, and my memories of cottaging in 1960 - 2010 in Muskoka! Cottaging sure has changed over my lifetime.


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Enjoyed this post! We have a dock at our Florida "Canal Cottage" for our boat. No jumping off of it though -- there are alligators.

I agree that the 'monster' seems out of place on your lake, which looks wonderfully calm and serene.

Kay said...

There are no docks near me, but you're now making me wish I had one.

Caitlin said...

I love the monster! I think it's interesting without being too flashy. The colours are neutral, at least.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
Well talk about uncanny - I pre-post MY TAKE entries for up to a month ahead - and just happen to have a dock on today's!!

Newhaven, North of Edinburgh, dates all the way back to the Romans (the furthest up the land they got!). This harbour-dock may have been remodelled and updated, but is still in the same spot.

I love ports of all sizes and shapes! Thanks Jenn! YAM xx