Tuesday, 9 July 2013

What a lazy day –except for weeding the garden!

Yes. I played around on the internet. Finally visiting some of my blog buddies. Book reviews to do.

 I was pretty lazy. Too hot to do much outdoors, and the deerflies are merciless.

I began by putting a new deerfly patch on the back of my cap.
They really do work. Not perfectly, but enough for one to get some work done.
I'd offer some to Bambi, but they don't seem inclined or too much bothered.
Fred groundhog

My veggie garden I've had limited success with, so far. Butch raccoon, Labbit, or Fred groundhog have been terrible. One or the other, or all three, have been in the garden. I really must put up some chicken wire, but the picket fence is charming.

They don't just nibble, although they do that, too. They pull up the entire plant, roots and all. That makes me think it is Butch, with her opposable thumbs.  Next, it will be the split-leaf beetles laying eggs.

This after 20 minutes weeding...
They suggest they last a week.
Daisy, my faithful helper
The peas I covered with chicken wire after last year's debacle. Somebody is nibbling it right up to the wire.

I had helpers, despite the bugs. Daisy follows me all day.

 I staked and put up barriers from the critters. Probably it won't do me any good. We shall see.

Milkweed and weeds
I am easily distracted by the flowers and bugs!
Species: Cercyonis pegala Common Wood-Nymph
Verified on BAMONA
Happy dragonfly
hugging the flower


Olga said...

It does not sound like a lazy day to me! i like the deer fly strip on the hat. They don't bother me in my yard, but taking my walk--Ach!

Carver said...

Sounds like a busy day to me. Gardening can be a full time job. I love the wildlife shots.

Dana said...

I think those are great distractions. Lovely photos!

Have a nice week.

Red said...

Some critters can just outright beat us. One jack rabbit can eat a lot of garden at one go.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

That, my dear, is definitely NOT a lazy day. But it was a great one and I enjoyed sharing it.