Monday, 8 July 2013

Great Dane found in Havelock – northeast of Toronto

This Great Dane was found meandering in Havelock. His feet are sore so he may have travelled a long distance. He's an old guy and must be missing his family.

  • Kim Alexandre Hi Folks, just to clarify, he was found in Havelock Ontario which is about 2 hours north east of Toronto. His feet were pretty sore when he was found so he could have been walking a long time. It can also be an issue with Danes but after a lovely bath on Thursday, his feet are a lot better today and he was walking much more comfortably. Still no luck finding his family but with 30,511 shares so far the word is certainly out there. Thank you everyone and lets keep spreading the word, I can't imagine being in my older years and losing my family  He's a beautiful old man and very graceful. Thank you everyone and keep sharing!
    Please see other pic, it shows the white mark on his face.


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Oh poor old guy! It sounds like he found a good rescuer.

Carol L McKenna said...

Oh Wow! ~ Beautiful dog and so glad he has you ~ you are an angel ~ Happy Weekend to you ^_^