Sunday, 14 July 2013

Are you a boss or a leader?

I've had this for a long time: I've always had issues with my supervisors!!!!

The boss drives people;
The leader coaches them.
The boss depends on authority;
The leader on goodwill.
The boss inspires fear;
The leader inspires enthusiasm.
The boss says "I";
The leader says "We."

The boss says: "Get here on time";
The leader gets in ahead of time.
The boss fixes blame for breakdown;
The leader fixes the breakdown.
The boss knows how it is done;
The leader shows how.
The boss says "Go";
The leader says "Let's go."

The boss uses people;
The leader develops them.
The boss sees today;
The leader also looks at tomorrow.
The boss commands;
The leader asks.
The boss never had enough time;
The leader makes time for things that count.

The boss is concerned with things;
The leader is concerned with people.
The boss lets people know where he or she stands;
The leader lets people know where they stand.
The boss works hard to produce;
The leader works hard to let people produce.
The boss takes credit.
The leader gives it.
  -Author Unknown


Kay L. Davies said...

OH, I inspire fear in everyone I meet.
Excellent list, Jenn.
Luv, K
PS— I forwarded your deer flies to my husband. I've never seen anything like that "painted" face.
We're back from BC, but I caught a cold somewhere along the line. Isn't it always something?

Kay said...

I guess I'm neither. I think.

Red said...

This piece is very true. I wish those in administrative positions would look at this piece. I had some good administrators and some poor ones.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I took early retirement because of a bad boss (not a leader), so , yeah!

I noticed your subtle remark about your kitty being a 'stupidvisor' in one of your previous posts and almost commented on it (I thought the kitty was quite a bit smarter than some I've had!).

Powell River Books said...

Are there bossy leaders? I'm afraid I had some of the traits of both. But I don't think I was a really hard person to work with. - Margy