Monday, 15 July 2013

Summertime in Cottage Country –lots of action on the water

Many planes are over head. If you peek in the header, between the C and the O of Co
unty, you can see one! Here, in Rideau Ferry, it is a busy place. Tourists come from Ottawa and Kingston, to get some sun, water and wind, a break from daily routines.
Horsefly (and deerflies) are about
Protect yourself.
It's been a hot weekend, where the bugs buzz and the deerflies chomp. There is much boat traffic on the lakes. The jetskis whiz by, doing circle around the bigger boats. Thankfully, we have officers on patrol. There have been worrisome incidents on the lakes. People seem to forget the laws that have come from simple good sense. The lake isn't a Nascar track! The rush of wind in your face, the sun beaming down, peeking between the clouds, it is freedom. Kids screaming with joy, splashing happily free of routines, or responsibility. This is summertime.
That means extra vigilance for families, as kids thrown away the shackles of fear and jump in. 
The bugs are back and the critters are biting. There is a warning about rattlesnakes in the Parry Sound-Georgian Bay area, where most of our poisonous snakes reside. All the other Ontario snakes are harmless. The water snake can give a good bite, but the others tend to be harmless. I often pick up the garter snakes to rescue them from the cats.

Norah Fountain, on Muskoka News Watch, reports a tubing incident July 14th:

Tubing accident in Gravenhurst sends teen to hospital with serious injuries

July 7th: 

London, Ontario man drowns at Wasdell Falls in Severn Bridge

June 24th:


Anonymous said...

Ah -summer at last!

W.C.Camp said...

Pretty shots as usual. No horseflies here but due to frequent rain, lots of Mosquitoes - YUCK!!! W.C.C.

Anonymous said...

You are a very good photographer!

Powell River Books said...

I remember the horrible swarms of biting flies in Hay River. They were so bad we got gas and left, no lunch. OUCH!

Karen said...

We returned home from a few days interior camping in Algonquin Park COVERED in horse and deer fly bites. They are brutal!
We popped over to nearby Round Lake for a swim late yesterday and were dismayed to see a large boatload of adults, children and dogs at the public beach. The adults were drinking beer. Where are the OPP boats when you need them. We don't have a cell phone, but this particular beach is in a dead zone anyway.