Saturday, 13 July 2013

How much wood can a wood chuck chuck?

Well, it's pretty much me, not wood chucks helping. Although, I've seen Fred, and I think Buster got in a scarp with the feisty thing.

We had 2 cords delivered Thursday. It's darn good exercise. My mom and dad used to get 7 cords at a time.
I've been taking it easy, doing an hour at a time, then doing other yard work. This middle-aged body isn't what it used to be! I had to stop and plug the hole in the back of the shed. It had been plugged up with what I think is 4-year-old punky wood, leaning a little crazily.

With our shallow soil, even after 32mm of rain on Wednesday, our man could deliver and dump it right in front of the shed with little damage to the grass. For joy!

Daisy been a great little helper. I've parsed out the work. I realized that while I'd been on the roof doing the eavestrough, I hadn't ever done the shed eaves. Daisy, my forever helper and shadow, came up with me. She's a trooper. She was pretty tired after that, and required a rest in the shade and a wash up.

I spotted the ivy, growing rather askew, and used the step ladder to fix it. A tree frog jumped and landed, splat, on the ivy. That required a photo. Then, a dragonfly (Common whitetail - female) repeatedly kept perching on the wood. Finally, I took her photo, too.

When I wrapped up my work, removing gloves, and ball cap, I swatted a horse fly.  Also, I found a Notable sawyer, a very ancient-looking beetle.

Daisy makes a great stupidvisor. Up on the ledge, batting at bugs. One wasp was busy in there in  a hole in the wood. I plugged the hole, having been stung last month. She is the only cat I've ever had who back down a tree or post. She is a clever girl, if wee. She is almost a year old (11 months) and such a wee thing, still. Her bigger twin sister, Dorah, is much bigger.


Christine said...

The tree frog is so tiny! And Daisy's cute!

eileeninmd said...

Cute post, lots of great critters. Love the frog and dragonfly. Happy Weekend!

Kay L. Davies said...

Wow, so many big bugs, and such a small frog! But the face of the deerfly amazes me the most. I snaffled the photo to show it to my husband. He got a bug photo the other day. I'll send it to you as you seem to be the bug expert on my blog list!
Glad Daisy was there to distract you from what sounds like back-breaking manual labor. Wouldn't catch me doing it these days, although I've chopped and carried a lot of wood in my time.
We're back from the Wet Coast, which isn't nearly as wet as Ontario right now. Visited the family there, and stopped in the Okanagan Valley for a few days on the way back, to attend my 50-year high school reunion.
Lindy is such a good traveler. We stayed in four different hotels along the way and at our two destinations, and she was perfect.
Luv, K

TexWisGirl said...

such a cute kitty! love the tree frog.

P V Ariel said...

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Red said...

To me there's some pleasure in piling wood. I don't use would but I remember as a little kid piling wood up in the basement.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

It's nice to have company while you work! We used to burn wood (when we had our house in Oregon)..We would go to the woods to cut it when we could, otherwise buy it like you did. I would tell the kids (when they were teenagers) that people paid to go to gyms to get the kind of exercise they were getting free, plus they'd be warm next winter. I don't think I convinced them (I notice none of them burn wood now that they have homes of their own ;>)... but Bill and I enjoyed the work!

Kay said...

Aren't horseflies the ones that give you a painful bite... or is it some other insect?

Karen said...

Your twin girls are the same age as my Miss Kitty. Miss K. has gotten HUGE! She still behaves like a kitten however, so sometimes she is a little rough, especially with our elderly cat.
We have to move 5 cords of wood from the shed to the basement woodroom, then fill the shed again. At 62 I'm starting to feel a little old for this. Time to get back into shape, but no motivation in this heat!