Friday 8 July 2011

Dr. Brian Goldman in Perth, Ontario

Dr. Goldman with me at our home
He interviewed me for an upcoming
White Coat Black Art Program
Having written a book about Ontario healthcare, Living and Dying in Dignity; A daughter's journey, Dr. Brian Goldman decided to interview me. As he said to Chris Must, after much nagging! Truthfully, I didn't nag, just offered to trade books with him! Also, posted comments on his White Coat Black Art (WCBA) blog, twitter feed @WCBADoctorBrian, and radio webpage.

I also write about Ontario healthcare;
some of my most recent posts:

Photo: courtesy Chris Must, EMC
I have written my book from the perspective as an adult child, and as a volunteer, as many of my blog friends know. Dedicated to improving the healthcare system, and finding those cracks that need to be filled, I regaled him with stories of caring for my family.

It's funny how I expected more equipment than he brought; a small tape recorder with ear phones and great microphone. But then technology has certainly improved since I began teaching and integrating technology into my pedagogical practices.

Lunch at Fiddleheads - view from the
C. Douglas Cavers Bridge of Code Park.
We had our interview in my dining room. I was mortified as the twins, just 3 months old, leapt up onto the table as we recorded. We both smiled, but kept on trucking as Buster rustled Dr. Brian's papers, then Felix tried to eat the microphone cord.
He is the consumate professional on radio and in the ER.

We took him in to lunch at Fiddleheads, a walk around the Tay River and Stewart Park! Fortunately, the rude men behind me turned off their vulgar video while we ate lunch and they downed beers #2 & 3. As puerile as my twins, they were.

It may all be water under the bridge!
Dr. Brian was impressed with Perth, the river, and the beauty of the town - and he has travelled all around the world, visiting cousins relatives in South America, as well as travelling  around Canada for his radio show.

He is officially an Emergency Room physician, but also a CBC Medical Journalist. Married, with two children, 9 and 13 years old, he works shifts at Mount Sinai hospital in the ER, as well as working as a medical journalist at CBC five days/week.

many visit the Tay via Stewart Park

Then we toured the Meals on Wheels preparation site at Lanark Lodge, chatted with volunteers, and accompanied us on a Meals drop-off. Then I took Dr. Brian into Perth Community Care Centre, to record me as I did my regular volunteer visiting with the residents. Coincidentally, Mary was one of the recreation aides working that day. It was her sister who was the dispatcher at Lanark Lodge for Meals on Wheels. It is a small town, with many involved.
View of the Tay River from the bridge
We showed him the protocol for dispatching and delivering Meals on Wheels, he ran an audiotape. Wonderful volunteers who do a great service to 'old people'. [Don't criticize the coffee, you'll be old and weak someday!]

Pets and puzzles - good friends!
Perth Community Care Centre

Meals on Wheels meal


W.C.Camp said...

Very interesting. Keep us informed when the article comes out. I liked that picture of the Fiddlesticks restaurant too! W.C.C.

Kay said...

This is wonderful, Jenn! I know your input will have been very valuable to Dr. Goldman.

Red said...

Dr. Brian is one of my favorites. When is your interview going to be played?
He chose a good person to interview.I'm looking forward to hering the interview'.