Wednesday 6 July 2011

Dontcha love antique shows????

July 2nd, twice we bumbled into the town of Perth.
I grabbed a shot of this home.

I love the old buildings of Perth. This looks just like the building across the road from my house on Walker Ave., Toronto, where I grew up as a kid. Mom and Dada lived in the house, having bought it from a relative, from 1950 - 1990.

 Summerhill subway station - I remember it well.

Our house was much less than this. This Perth home, as well as the old one I'm thinking of in Toronto, was made into apartments.

It was torn down in the 70s to build town homes.
Our house still stands, sold to a single woman, to have the money to build a home in Muskoka for Mom and Dad upon their retirement.
Both worked from the ages of 15, when their respective father's died, until they were 66 years old.

Enough nostalgia...

Once for the Perth Kilt Run 2011, but earlier in the morning we went to the legion to see the antique show.
The slide show is below. Marvellous pieces indoors and outside.


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Roan said...

I love old homes. They have so much character. I enjoyed seeing the antiques.

EG CameraGirl said...

Nostalgia is a good thing and I do like antique shows. :) It looks like you grew up in a neat neighbourhood.

Latane Barton said...

I'm nuts over that house. Wish I lived there.

Kay said...

I love old homes too and seeing all the old furniture, if they have them.