Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The irony of spring

I brushed Oliver this morning. As always, I threw the fur outdoors. I figured someone could use it.

Sure enough. This wee one has been around for days, nest-building, for sure.

My turn! My turn!

Danger lurks beneath!
Can you spot him?
Such a delight, not that I'm wearing blinders when it comes to the world around us: volcanos, tornadoes, floods and fires.

People dying in terribly tragic circumstances, losing their homes, family members, their livelihood; it is terribly tragic.

These are the pictures I took yesterday, hampered as I am with tendonitis in my foot. It is trivial, when I compare the tornado videos. They say 10 years until recovery.

The drama of our bird feeder; the irony of Oliver's fur being used for nest-building by the very critters he hunts.

It's a dog eat dog world out there. Or a cat eat bird world.
The dragonflies are just eating madly. Bless their little souls.

Blue jay frowns at Ollie.
Bees delight in blooms

So pretty, as new needles grow!

The beauty of living beside a wetland is amazing.

The lilacs are very happy, too.

The previous owners have chosen plants and trees natural to the area: lilacs, honeysuckle.

Lots of evergreens transplanted from the forest.

The moisture of our bog, as well as the chemistry of the area, leads to fungus.

I love it!

If you haven't watched a tornado chaser video... make mosquitoes look rather unimportant.
And then there are these!


Olga said...

There has been serious flooding around Lake Champlain, but even those who are most affected say they cannot complain too much in comparison to some of the devastation elsewhere.

Red said...

A great bunch of photos for somebody with a bum foot. Thanks.
Hope the tendonitis improves.

Christine said...

lovely photos Jenn. I love your header too. Thanks for stopping by.

eileeninmd said...

Cool capture of the flycatcher with your dogs hair. I have seen some birds carrying off my dogs hair too. Love the birds, flowers and the fungus. Nice post and photos.