Thursday, 26 May 2011

Part-time mayor = full-time issues

Where is the mayor?
There are reports in the news that she is hard to reach. Well, no wonder! She is a summer resident, with a home in Toronto. How can a mayor not live in her constituency? This is just plain wrong. Perhaps, only perhaps, councillors could be tourists, and summer residents need representation at Council, but truly a mayor cannot understand living year-round in a place.

The hush of November, the lack of traffic, no line-ups, the peace and calm that descend upon a place usually overrun by tourists who may not appreciate the place.

The December, 2009 storm was amazing. The power of little snowflakes that just kept on coming.
I sent out a tweet or Facebook post (can't remember!) about road closures, which prevented one Muskoka blogger friend, Ed Boutilier, from visiting and turning back, but in an emergency, crews need to be informed and the powers-that-be need to be local.

Then there was the August, 2006 hurricane, December, 2008 power outage, August, 2009 hurricane in Gravenhurst.

Dec 29, 2008
Fortunately, we had invested in a generator, after the 2006 hurricane winds, and kept warm and dry, and with a few outlets could make coffee and toast.

Sep 14, 2010
Or during the Gravenhurst hurricane? The District is responsible for local work such as signage, water and sewer, garbage collection, local planning, economic development, community service, lake and forest health, through local by-laws ...


Louis Tam | May 25

MUSKOKA LAKES — Although the mayor of Muskoka Lakes has embraced new communications technologies, some members of the Muskoka Ratepayers Association (MRA) are hoping she won’t forget about more traditional ways of chatting with her constituents.

Dec 11, 2009
Both Bracebridge and Huntsville have declared snow emergencies. Their coverage has been terrific. I have been pleased with their information page, especially in the light of this emergency. Hubby figures we can call in the troops anytime ...
Dec 12, 2009
We were happy to see our snowplow contractor this morning. He lives in MacTier, with waist-deep snow, which is much more snow that we had! For all of my Muskoka Snow Emergency photos click on the Picasa album badge below. ...
Dec 11, 2009
A snow emergency has been declared in Huntsville and Mayor Claude Doughty is telling residents of Huntsville to completely stay off the roads." Much has been cancelled. Which is the only smart thing to do! I venture out to clear the ...


Olga said...

A mayor tha is not a full time resident? That just sounds wrong. Did she get elected and then move? Or was she elected because the voters just didn't care? It strikes me as strange that it would be allowed.

Jenn Jilks said...

She was elected over one issue, Olga, by people fighting against a hydro dam they want to build.

She has a cottage and is there part-time. Those who voted for her may not have known this. You only need to own property there, and she does. It seems pretty crazy.

Ed said...

When researching who to vote for I don't recall the Mayor elect saying she would only be available part time. For the amount of Tax dollars locals and seasonal property owners pay we deserve someone that can dedicate their full efforts. With all the issues in Muskoka I do not believe this is a "phone in job"