Tuesday 14 December 2010

Trees, forest, bog and spooked deer

I loMWT Whiteve the changing bog. Frozen, the water isn't running. I'm indoors, sick with a cold. These are photos from my forest walk last week. Since then, we've had a night of freezing rain, a day of rain, and more snow on top of the frozen rain on the ground.  We're happy to keep indoors. Too tired to build a fire, hubby brought in some wood and did the deed. Bless him!

Our temperatures have been -12 C. (10.4 F.), and we are grateful for hydro and central heating.
The deer are very active. Hubby went out in the dusk to feed them and surprised them. I knew they would bolt. All I managed was 10 sec. and they were gone! These half dozen we spotted a couple of fields up last Friday. I thought the word would spread and they would make their way to our place.

Frozen bog - lots of deer tracks

These trees have elbows!

Tippy trees!

deer tracks in the forest


Joe Todd said...

Love those Birch Trees.. Hope you are getting better. I always get colds/sinus infections this time of year

Penelope Notes said...

Love your tippy trees and trees with elbows. Thanks also for sharing the video. It was fun to see this mysterious snowy scene with deer that so quickly scattered away.:)

Unknown said...

elbows--how interesting! the deers must be cold, too. poor creatures.

Sylvia K said...

It does look cold! I'm sorry about the cold! No fun being sick this time year -- well, actually it's never fun being sick. Hope you're feeling better soon! Great video!


Powell River Books said...

I'm still trying to shake my cold after two weeks. It never was really bad, just long. Hope you get better soon. - Margy

Jenn Jilks said...

Thanks, Margy, Sylvia! et al.

Just so tired, and dizzy!
Of course, with a morning temp of -15 C. ... I hauled in some wood on the sled yesterday, and coughed for a half hour afterwards. I know moderate exercise is good, but sheesh. It releases endorphins but wears me out!

EG CameraGirl said...

Those deer are fast! :)