Sunday, 24 October 2010

Oliver goes deer hunting

Well, he was bird hunting, but the deer were worried. They stamped their feet in warning. He truly ignored them. He was after the birds.

Oliver wasn't really deer hunting, he was after his bird friends at his feeder, under his pine tree. He will sleep at the base of the tree, curled up in the pine needles, in the good weather. Today, as I was working out, my attention was drawn to the window. I saw Ollie run west into his forest, and the deer bounding east out of our forest. Grabbing my camera I knew something was up. I wondered how he would react.

He spotted a bird in the garden and zipped off. He has a short attention span!

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Powell River Books said...

Oliver looks so much like Mom's cat Stick Tail, except he has his whole tail. Stick's is about 1/3 gone, the result of a coyote encounter when we lived in Southern California. - Margy