Wednesday 13 January 2010

Ontario Visual Heritage Project

about: Muskoka!

In a region shared by Native Peoples for 7,000 years, then exploited by settlers, and landowners for lumber, fish, farm land and recreational tourism dollars, it is important to study the history of a region (my blog posts). Muskoka is going to be featured by the OVHP.

  You can see, from my photo of Port Carling, what developers are doing to the land and the shield.

What is great fun, is seeing people you actually know in such a video. And people whose families played a part in the beautiful territory.
Read more here on Nancy's blog:  Film at Eleven... how did we miss THAT???

TVO.ORG | The Shield - Life on the Edge: Muskoka (Part 1)
James Bain and John Campbell are considered to be the Muskoka district's first non-native tourists. 

Beginning on Saturday, Jan. 9, and playing every Saturday until February 27th. The Shield will premiere on TVOntario. This eight-part documentary series.

Metroland has published an article about the series.

Read the press release (includes broadcast schedule) [PDF].

Various Heritage areas have been featured. I have had many comments about my history posts. I imagine this will appeal to many. You can download podcasts through iTunes, as well.

TEACHERS: Download Course Guides, including transcripts, here: Muskoka District West Parry Sound District Greater Sudbury Area - ENGLISH Greater Sudbury Area - FRENCH Manitoulin Island Sarnia-Lambton Chatham-Kent

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Cloudia said...

interesting, Jenn!

Aloha, Friend

Comfort Spiral

Cathy Olliffe-Webster said...

I saw The Shield on Saturday and am looking forward to part 2 tomorrow. Really well made, interesting and entertaining television. It's on at 4 p.m. on TVO.

Jenn Jilks said...

Yes, Cathy. I saw it and spotted my friend, Nancy, in it. Wuite exciting!

Jim S said...

Caught part 2 while surfing the channels. Sorry I missed part 1 so I ordered the DVD. Lots of memories of childhood. I think I even recognized a few people in the show!
With respect to the Norwegian Air Force, they bought their Training base/airfield from my great-grandfather Thomas Short.

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