Tuesday 15 December 2009

Muskoka Radio Stations

 Snowy activities have started, like the Beauview Video shows. The kids, I'm sure, are happy! On these snow days, I like to head back inside, listen to some music and get warm.

I have been having trouble finding a radio station I like.  Problem is, the signal is weak in the western area of radio stations in Muskoka. Parry Sound and Muskoka have so much geological rock that anything but a larger electronic system cannot find a signal.
CBC has a wide range of 'local' signals: Barrie 91.5, Haliburton 92.3, Huntsville 94.3, but none of these have local content.
They are becoming more 'popular', with shows (like Q).

I am discouraged. I want adult conversation and meaty programs, like The Current. I don't want to hear about what they did last night, or anything else of their personal lives!

What are our choices for Radio in Muskoka? 

I have found three FM stations so far. They all play rock, and/or classic rock, and there seems little difference in that respect. It varies throughout the day, but I have liked most of the music. Their web sites all feature the current song they are playing, and the DJ who stands on guard for thee!

All of these stations do a fabulous job in the communities; fundraising and giving freebies at dockside festivals.  I truly laud them for that.

Moose FM CFBG 99.5 - Muskoka 

Haliburton Broadcasting Group Ontario Local Community Radio Stations: 105.5 CFBK Huntsville, Moose 99.5 FM  in Bracebridge, Ontario. A quiet webpage, and a station with a lot of music. They had information about the snowfall. Explaining that Barrie loaned Bracebridge a snow removal crew, 3 plows, 1 loader and a snow blower. We didn't have to call in the army! During the storm, the broadcast feautured Xmas music and a fundraiser. They featured local school kid's choirs and it was a delightful show!

"A heartfelt Thank-You to all of Muskoka for your kind generosity and support of The Moose Kids Christmas Radio-Thon in support of the Salvation Army of Bracebridge and Gravenhurst.  Together you raised $58,457.00 for children and families."

Hunters Bay Radio is a newer local station -  broadcasting over the Internet. I wasn't thrilled with the language, there were a crude discussion about dog flatulence. The news was good. The Internet is a great way to go. We cannot use a transister radio here. It just doesn't have enough power.

A robust website, they have a variety of items: sports, entertainment, International news, and those ubiquitous flash ads that eat up bandwidth.But they all overdo these!

The news is up to date, but they are centred in Huntsville. Not as navel-gazing as CBC, they do cover the region.

 Then there is The Dock FM- 104.1, in Barrie. I have found The Dock to have decent coverage of closures.  They have a wide coverage, (Simcoe to Muskoka) a stronger signal. The morning featured stories of road closures of that fateful Dec. 12th w/e, as well as accidents from Barrie, to Huntsville to MacTier. (Logo used with permission!)

They have a 'dock club', and by filling a number of surveys, you can earn points and redeem them on the site. Interesting concept, if you are prepared to spend 15 minutes filling in endless consumer surveys of varying products.

They have a 'gas watch' page, featuring the best pump prices from Barrie to Georgian Bay! Courtesy of: GasBuddy.com and Ontario Gas Prices
Now, THE DOCK, I cannot listen to on the dock. I have a terrific solar-powered/wind-up radio, a gift from the kids, and if I sit it in the right place, holding onto the antenna with one hand, lifting the other up in hope and praise to the air waves, I can get a signal. But it is sketchy at best.
Q92 you can listen to on-line, as well as, Q107, and any other station you might find at home. But isn't the cottage about playing board games, swimming and other fun?!

Jian Ghomeshi's recent interview, a blow-up with American Billy Bob Thornton -featured on Q's YouTube channel,  made him famous! That is a video to watch if you have a bit of time!

CBC radio
Jun 25, 2008
 I podcast many shows. these days I find that I am behind the times. DNTO was interviewing some dude from facebook fame, now a musician, who was regaling us with horror stories about setting off firecrackers and running from the police. ...

ThisAmericanLife.org, and All In The Mind (AU) are favourite podcasts of mine, too.

The Suspect Society
Sep 14, 2008
cbc's ideas is a show I podcast. I like to listen to my iPod during those times when reflection just revs up my brain. listening to some reliable information and learning something about the world appeals to me. ...

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(¸.·´ (¸.·´ *Jenn

[P.S. Editor's Note: If you want a laugh, surf around the AM dial. I found some really interesting stations, some well to the south in the US, for example.  My mom always listened to CFRB AM, and if I was making dinner she'd roar in, hear the channel I chose, and demand, "What's that station?" and make me change it back. (I was visiting, and in my 40's at the time!)]


Fastman said...

I find terrestrial radio is nearly dead. I'm saturated with classic rock and know every chord from AC/DC to Zeppelin.

Satellite radio is relativity inexpensive now. If you were on the road constantly it would be well worth it. Since I am not always available to hear Jian Ghomeshi, Ideas, Michael Enright, As it Happens or the Vinyl Museum I pick them up off the internet via podcasts and listen later.

Lorac said...

I listen to Moose all the way up to the cottage. Unfortunately, we get little reception at the cottage and that is also dependent on the day and the weather. Haliburton comes in OK and at night we get the moose again.I will say I think the northern stations are a little bit more balanced than the TO ones.

Joe Todd said...

Covered a lot in that post. I watched the Billy Bob interview. What was up with that????

Jenn Jilks said...

I agree, Lorac. Toronto is so...Toronto -centred!
Well, Joe, none of us are sure! Drugs?! Self esteem issues?! It was hilarious at the time. The Billy Bob has issues for sure!

Jenn Jilks said...

I know we have a lot of seasonal residents, and summer tourists, who depend on radio. I found a wealth of information during the recent storm, Ed. It really helped to know which roads were closed!
I like to garden with my iPod, and reading by the lake.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

How about satellite radio. You lose all the local flavor and fund raisers and all that but the music is more varied and the blah blah blah a lot less.

Jenn Jilks said...

True, Yogi, but remember a lot of folks simply have bunkies and cabins, here in cottage country. Many have shut down their cottages; water, phone and TV service until spring!

Unknown said...

"Would you ask Tom Petty that Question?"

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Jenn: Your snow looks so clean but that is enough for me. I'm sure the kids enjoy the ride.