Sunday, 20 December 2009

CBC during the 'holidays'

There is just too much Christian-centered content on CBC lately, and I must turn to other stations during the day time. As a Spiritualist, I cannot understand the hype that many of the announcers promote. As if Toronto was a WASP community. Even up here in Muskoka we have a much more varied culture than ever before. The lack of diversity of hosts, or guests, disappoints me. My classrooms were filled with multicultural students, we enjoyed sharing other's celebrations. I have yet to hear a mention of any other December traditions.

I listen to the Regional News, and find it it London, ON-focused. I must resort to local radio for local news information, also sadly lacking. Our Snow Emergency was not covered well, with highways closed, many ventured up here.

I have many retired teacher friends who used to depend upon CBC Radio as a connection with the outside world, especially on bad winter days here in Central Ontario. But, no more. The coverage of the vast amount of US-based authors and musicians, precluding Canadian artists and authors, is a sad commentary on our tax dollars.

I miss the multicultural aspect of the city, with a variety of signs, symbols, and traditions honoured by those who celebrate Hannukah, Eid-ul-Fitr, or Christmas (on a secular or non-secular basis). 


judy in ky said...

Well said, Jenn. I agree with you. I miss the relatively multicultural environment we had when we lived in Philadelphia. It's pretty homogeneous here where we live now. It feels like there is room for only one belief system, and people look at you funny if you express anything else.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Your header has a familiar look to it, Jenn - I wonder if it is of the islands off Toronto, where I have walked a good few times. It is certainly a lovely snowy shot.

Jenn Jilks said...

Thank you Judy. Glad to read that.

Actually, Weaver, It is my 'front yard', our dock!