Monday, 3 August 2009

My World Tuesday XLIII

MWT WhiteMy World Tuesday

Oliver and I were playing rope. I dragged it on the ground and he ran away with it. Cheap toy, methinks.

The geese were having a good time.
They were trying to prevent Lonesome Charlie from coming in to eat my hyacinth. Poor old Charlie kept coming in to be part of the family.

The boaters were bopping across the lake, while cormorant & loon looked P.O.d!

Meantime, we have had cloudy mornings, sunny afternoons, and lots of rain to help my squash-in-a-tree-trunk grow.

I took some video of the goose chase, and
I managed to catch a video of a young boy trying to get up on skiis. It was cute, with dad in the water trying to help, geese ignoring them and bouncing on the waves.


Photo Cache said...

Nice post, beautiful photos.

Have a good week.

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The Good Life in Virginia said...

oliver is soo cute. what is it about a cat and a piece of string ^..^
and of course geese are so funny in their own way.
have a wonderful week.

Sylvia K said...

Fun post and photos! Great look at your world!

Have a great week!

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Nice post. I loved it actually.

Arija said...

Beautiful, I loved your tree-squash and video.

Marites said...

hehehe! i do that with our cats too:) they look so cute playing with ropes. love your pics. your world is really beautiful!

Sally in WA said...

Nice photos. I like your Oliver, too.