Thursday 23 April 2009

Aloha Where you like go?

Aloha Where You Like Go? Aloha!

I have been exchanging self-published books with friends and new acquaintances. I attended a conference for hospice volunteers and exchanged books there. Then, Cloudia Charters and I made such an exchange. This most recent exchange was a long-distance one of over 8,000 km! I am in Central Ontario, Canada, she is in Hawaii.

I know that a book is made of of two-dimensional sentences printed on black and white. But this clever arrangement of words and sentences conjures up the most delicious sensory painting of life in Hawaii. You are sucked into a tsunami of experiences of senses, sounds, colours, and smells that come together to educate and illuminate, in rainbow colours, life in a vastly different culture from My Muskoka. I was prepared for a journey, the setting quite unfamiliar to me, I wasn't quite prepared for the delightful experience. The colours form a quilt, the fabric of Hawaiian culture, history, language and geography, that honours the spirit of a people.

I know I am not adding much to her fan club; already has a 4.7 out of 5 stars rating in 18 customer reviews. For those who have visited or live in Hawaii, the novel rings true. For me, someone who lives in Canada, and has never visited, this delightful story captures a lively and entertaining tale.

Visit Cloudia's blog, Comfort Spiral, for more trips to Hawaii.

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