Sunday, 26 February 2017

Owl hunting on Wolfe Isl.

Dec. 31st, 2014
Traditionally, birders only tell other birders (privately) where they find amazing birds. Everyone knows, however, that Wolfe Isl. has a lot of snowy owls (for some reason). So, I'm not giving anything away here, especially since we didn't see any! Not a one. I was so flummoxed.

We've been to Wolfe Isl. several times, only once seeing an owl.
Snowy owl #1 Dec. 31st, 2014 It's all very exciting, owl watching!
Snowy owl #2
Snowy owl photo-op #3 (Ottawa)!
Wolfe Island Trip 2016 Part 1: Sites and critters 

There wasn't much snow, and there was a lot of fudgey road. See my boots!
We had left home at 8:30 to catch the ferry across, and over we went. We rode the Wolfe Isl. Ferry

We tootled around a bit (26 min.; 19km), then hubby wanted to stop for a cookie. I suggested we just have lunch, since it was 11:30 and I had forgotten to have some before we left! Lunch in the W.I.P.P., to start the day. We took Muffin Muncher. He had a chat with a little boy just as we left!

We spotted three red-tailed hawks, a tree sparrow, pigeons, geese, a pair of deer, cows, crows, then a horse ,and foal napping! I was so disappointed. But, then, I DID see the Great Horned Owl on the way here. Great Gray Owl Sighting

We traveled 67 km, over 141 minutes, having driven over 100km to get there in the first place! Finally, at 2:30 we hopped back on the ferry to go to the hotel.