Monday, 20 October 2014

Letter carriers vs. mail boxes

I've always loved the post office. Not so much the boxes, but getting mail. When we lived in Bala, we'd walk the 2km to the Post Office.

My hubby's mother worked for Canada Post in Chesterville for many years. She supported her mom and dad, as well as hubby, this way. Don't we need Canadians to have jobs?
This box hangs open,
you can see how small they are!

Now we rely on our mailbox at the end of the driveway. They deliver the mail in a wee truck, driving wheel on the right. This is rural mail!

We order a lot by email. These packages often fit into our mailbox, but sometimes they come through UPS. My UPS guy is a pet, as my mom would have said. He told me a little bit about their working conditions. He delivers to our area, about an hour out of Ottawa. He has to drive back into the city at the end of the day. I asked if he had kids and he said, no. He told me their hours are too long. He often doesn't get home until 8 at night, and this is bad for families. Many families are ending up divorced. Despite UPS claiming to be a people oriented employer, it is impossible to get time off for things like kid's soccer games.

This is the way Canada Post is going to go. Private companies will rise up, employees won't have union rights, nor any bargaining power. This will take us back to the bad old days.

I've signed a petition. I think it might be slacktivism, but since CUPW is lobbying, I figured it couldn't hurt. I can't remember Canada Post asking my opinion.

Rideau Ferry Postal Boxes
It's a nice shelter
What a mess

Winter is a trial


Then there are the men and women who will lost their jobs – from coast-to-coast.
Why weren't Canadians thoughts considered? Small businesses want daily mail. Canada Post refused to grandfather door-to-door. 
Citizens wanted to go to every-other-day services, at least, rather than nothing.
They are ticking off many people with the placement of these boxes. It is fine in a new development, but think of inner city locations and the suburbs, where there isn't space.

  1. Canada Post | National Post

    Union taking Canada Post to federal court over plan to end door-to-door mail ... a 'serial job killer' as hundreds protest decision to end door-to-door delivery ...
    The conversion from door-to-door mail delivery is not going smoothly in one Kanata neighbourhood where some residents say Canada Post is ignoring their suggestions about the placement of the street...

  3. Olivia Chow decries Canada Post cuts as ‘destroying’ mail services while Justin Trudeau slams timing

    'These job-killing and service-cutting measures will isolate seniors, the poor and the disabled living in urban areas,' Olivia Chow said

Sunday, 19 October 2014

After the storm last Friday, the colours were amazing

The colours have been marvellous!  Such a strange day. Pouring rain, 26mm or so on Friday, the 10th, . This was the front yard as the dark clouds contrasted with the brightly coloured leaves.

April 12th, 2013
The fishies...happy with the strangely warm weather. They still don't want to come indoors. I
See how the trees have grown!
keep telling them it's going to look pretty white and feel pretty cold soon. Today, Oct. 19th, the overnight temps were about 5 C. and we'll have ice on it soon!

The colours of the yard are amazing.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

With the warm weather, last frogs!

Well, here it is afternoon, and I haven't posted, let alone visited my many friendly commenters.

Thing is, our Internet Service Provider (ISP) wasn't providing service! Now, for those with Bell's Sympatico, you can empathise. I wrote about our trials and tribulations with Sympatico. Hubby reminded me that it wasn't 3 days without service, it was a month.

You'd phone on a Friday, they get you off the phone, have us call back the next day.T hey didn't work on a Saturday... Patient hubby, "May I please speak to your manager. This is above your pay grade to listen to me, and I am fed up."

Hubby logged all his calls. It was astonishing. We had to keep arguing. We'd put in an extra line, as he was going to be working from home. Sympatico was on this line, even though it shouldn't have been. When he unexpectedly retired, we cancelled the 2nd line and our service disappeared. We
This morning, in the rain
argued with them that we'd had service for 3 months and that it was on the wrong line. The old line in that 1960s home couldn't deliver our ISP high-speed service, and the new line did, until we cancelled it.
Hubby wrote a long letter to Bell and they gave us a free month of service.
Now, I am done venting. Now the celebration.

This morning I couldn't get on-line. Tried everything: resetting, you know.. both computers...
I phoned our ISP and it was answered, then there was a busy signal. I knew, based on their corporation's ethics that we wouldn't be left high and dry (despite the pouring rain outdoors)!
Sure enough, around 10:00 a.m. we received a robocall: they knew service in our area was down and there were working on it. Should there be a long-term problem they'd phone back.
Here is the pond, Friday. Lovely day!
Isn't that cool?!
We checked, sure enough, we have service. It's been up about an hour, and another robocall letting us know!

OK, Saturday's Critters...

The goldfish pond, still going with the warm temperatures, has had some more friends drop in!

I counted 9 wee frogs, photographed 8 and one didn't want its photo taken. This was yesterday when it was about 20 C. and today I spotted Geraldine and a buddy in the flower pot. Gerry was no where to be seen, nor was Jerry!

Saturday's Critter's #46

Friday, 17 October 2014

On our trip to Almonte: found a Bale and a Fe-Bale

First, a hungry calf, and fields and fences!
I popped in to a nursery, as they often have plants for sale. Nothing but a smile for me!

These made me think of the one for the Richmond Fair. Isn't that cute?
Someone else has posted fun photos of hay bales. I forget who, but it is a fun thing to do. One year, I brought in some straw bales. A neighbour/farmer had some for sale! I built a pyramid from them, but I cannot find a photo. It's such an iconic image for this time of year.

Paint Party Friday

 We went off to Almonte to buy a new bird feeder. SOMEBODY nameless, and therefore blameless, sent my favourite one to the ground. I bought a new one and it was wrapped in some lovely paper. This was my inspiration!

My client's family cancelled, since it was pouring rain they didn't want to venture out. This is when I usually sketch. I made myself sit and relax, feeling a bit woozy from flu anyway. It all worked out.

As ever, when I updated my OS, the new OS doesn't work with my scanner. Ticks me off no end. It has also slowed down start-up, which for someone gainfully unemployed - well, it shouldn't make a difference, but I digress!

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Hallowe'en cards - I wrote some poems

As many know, we have two granddaughters, 4 & 6 years old. Grampa, the sweet
One of my fave photos!
man he is, bought them some Hallowe'en cards. They have a mail box on their outdoor playhouse, a gift from neighbours who had outgrown it. We like to send mail to pop in.
We don't know how long we will have door-to-door mail service, and we must embrace it while we can! Keep it in our memories our Canadian history: rain, snow, sleet or hail!
I used the poetry style: AABA, BBCB, etc. I forget what it is called! It's a good little mental workout.


It's Hallowe'en
Foam play, selfie!
The funniest girl
We've ever seen

You are a pearl
You tilt and whirl
Never undone
Blonde hair: curl

You've been much fun
Since I've begun
Your big, sweet smile
You're our loved one

We'd run a mile
And jump a stile
You have no fear
On land or isle

Your sister dear
Bug cake!
We shed a tear
Says you are fun
But that is clear!


Tough as nails
You tell some tales
If you fall
There are no wails

You are a doll
On grass we sprawl
To talk of bugs
Both big and small

You give great hugs
Expression: mugs
Your face is sweet
Heart strings tugs

You are quite neat
Not so discreet
"It's a mess"
You do not cheat!

You do us bless
I must confess
When you come visit
Much love: profess.