Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Bird bath or cat fountain?

The cats liked the bird bath in summer. It's too cold on their toes, now. The birds didn't use it, since there was much open water. I had a plant in it most of the summer.
Daisy has a drink!
Chickadee has a drink
little bit of ice - I put the heater in it
This was Oct. 19th!

My's bird bath!
(To quote my granddaughter!)

Blue jays at the bird bath

Just for fun, I put tossed some peanuts into the bird bath. I miss playing softball! A lot of peanuts made it into the target! This was during one of my coughing days, and it was nice sitting in the sun, in the fresh air. I'm much better now!

Tossing peanuts for them relieves the pressure on the smaller birds, since the Jays dominate the feeders. They bully the smaller birds. Thank goodness for digital photos these days, as I had to delete a lot!
I have upended a rectangular plant pot, as it keeps the water heater in the bottom of the bath.

tippy toes!

3 for 1 photo!
toes tucked up

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Hindsight is 20:20!

I should have brought my lanter in, not just bungied it to my angel.
Dear hubby kindly picked up the pieces , before going out to dispatch Meals on Wheels, and I'll just have to start again!
The branches and decorations were sent 100m into the back yard.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Rain, clouds, winds and frog hunting!

Isn't that a fun shot?!
What a strange day. Lots of storms, clouds, sunshowers, then a massive amount of wind. There are 87,000+ power outages across the province today. Daisy has been doing her rounds around the goldfish pond, looking for frogs. The pond has been frozen, but she's been rewarded today. The pond melted today. I had fun watching her. There were two small frogs, but Geraldine and Jerry bullfrogs were nowhere to be seen.
Nov. 24 The one that got away

Daisy frogging from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.
Two days ago the goldfish pond was frozen. Today Daisy was frogging. She never catches them!

Nov. 23

Nov. 23

We had 10mm of rain overnight, and another 5 or so today. HydroOne reports many without power.

Nov.25th - not so bad

The Medicine Wheel, my grouse, our new friend

Medicine Wheel
Back when hubby was first diagnosed with cancer, I bought him a Medicine Wheel carving by David R. Maracle.

Native Spirituality is beautiful. When I taught Gr. 6, we delved quite a bit into this part of the curriculum. I bought all sorts of curriculum materials from sources out west. Manitoba has some fabulous projects and resources for teachers.

The Medicine Wheel

The Medicine Wheel represent such a strong part of Aboriginal Culture.
The four colours, each representing a different direction.
The Medicine Wheel is a tool to teach people about their place in the universe, and their relationship to all things created by our Creator.

East, the yellow represents sun, fire, spring, new beginnings, as the rising sun moves us to action.
South: summer, red, passion, water, plants, emotional energy.
West: black, fall, setting sun, earth, physical energy, preparing for winter.
North: white, winter, spirituality, time of wisdom, contemplation, mental energy, healing and dreams.

The Grouse

My theory is that the grouse was being chased by a predator. Around our forest and fields we have Coopers and Sharp shin hawks. Merlins have very dark backs and more pointed wings; they're from the falcon family. We have a fair number of Red-tailed hawks, as well. It must have been going at great speed to break its neck. I heard it hit the window.

What to do with it? Very important to me, I wanted to take some photos. This is an opportunity I seldom have: getting close-ups. We have quite a number in our forest. They take off when we go walkies, often they are in the sumacs, munching on the berries. They are difficult for me to photograph.
Joe, Jenn, Danielle

I posted a photo on the Facebook Lanark Bird group. Danielle asked what I would do with my grouse. I said I didn't know. Last year, when hubby found a barred owl on the highway, he brought it home, I harvested some feathers, took photos, then I put it deep into the forest where the coyotes or our wolf harvested it. I didn't want it to go to waste.

Our new friend

Secondly, I wanted to harvest some feathers. I'm a bit squeamish, and plucked some. Then, a Native Grandmother suggested she would be happy to make us a smudging feather. I didn't have the nerve to harvest the wings myself. Yesterday, we drove into the city to see her. Taking the requisite gift of loose tobacco, we were blessed with a wonderful conversation and a healing smudging.

Danielle is an amazing healer, teacher, and artisan. Her Native name is Light Feather, and she has a Facebook page: Light Feather Creations's Page She comes from the same small Acadian town as my daughter's Mother-in-law! It's a small world, indeed! Danielle gave me some anti-poison ivy oil, you know how I get into that all the time! Plus a beautiful medicine pouch for hubby, with sage, cedar, tobacco and beads of the four colours of the Medicine Wheel. She taught us about the Medicine Wheel. Things I had forgotten.

Here is the grouse right after it broke its neck.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Frog pond is frozen - Daisy ventures out

Trees are heavily laden.
After some cold days and nights, Lake Effect Snow (only about 20cm/4"), I brushed off the trees since we are expecting some above zero double-digit temperatures this week. The wet snow is very heavy.

Daisy and I wandered down to check on the rats.

No signs of Milly, Molly and Mick Rat . The ice had a couple of holes in it. Red tells me they keep air holes in it. I'll be happy to keep checking. It's good motivation to talk a nice walk down across the meadow, over to the pond. This section, where I videotaped Mick feeding, is very liquidy.

The meadow looks beautiful
-all the grass is covered.
It is a place of sanctuary.
Here is another deer bed
Here is where one Bambi had a nap!
Wednesday's fresh snow

Daisy ventures out (Of course, she does!)

She looks around as if surprised at the ice!

Saturday, 22 November 2014

♪♫♩Who is at my window, who?

One of my favourite pieces to sing with a choir. YouTube video music here:
♪♫♩ "Who is at my window, who?" by Welford Russell

Forgot about this photo!
Taken with the videocam
We love the new picture window in the kitchen! When hubby does his dishes, he can gaze out into the forest.  Bambi appeared again. A different one, methinks.
Daisy, too, was enthralled! What are Mommy and Daddy doing at the window???
She was keen to look, as well. I removed the screen to allow for better photos!

Daisy had to check it out.
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