Friday, 21 November 2014

What a glorious day!

We had a busy day: hubby lined up for snow tires on at 7:30 a.m., I posted my daily blog!
He bought me a 3-prong cord for the snowblower. I realized I'd used all of our 3-prongs already.
I did the driveway of a measly 20cm of snow. We cannot compare to the several feet of snow in Muskoka, never mind the 8' in Buffalo. I complain not! The skies were so blue afterwards!

Next, into town for a nice lunch. I haven't been 'out' for weeks, what with my horrible flu bout. Then, the drug store. While were were there, I noticed people lining up for a flu shot. What the heck. We had our shots!
My friend, Susan's, house. She's in Novar, Central Ontario. Not as much as Buffalo, but it's pretty bad Lake Effect Snow all around the Great Lakes!

I had fun, asking hubby to drive me to Rideau Ferry. Hanging out of the passenger window, with the videocam out the window, another drive-by shooting! What fun!
Both the camera, the videocam is automatic.

Nov. 20/14

Thursday, 20 November 2014

It was a sad, sad day... kee shried, kee shried!

Daisy registers displeasure
Daddy assures her: 'Crunchies all gone!'
NO! she cries! She looks so sad.
Do you remember that messing up of fairy tales? Kee shried!
Anyone remember the context? I have forgotten.
Some comedian.
Anyway, she cried!
No more crunchies in the bucket. It was a horrible day.
It gets worse...
She had to check
We've had snow and she's forgotten how she loved playing in snow.
My faithful readers will remember. She loved the snow. It's been really cold very suddenly. The cats keep going to a door and begging to go out. We open that door, they shake their heads, and back away from the cold.
They try another door a few minutes later. No way. They keep hoping that THAT door will have a warm clime! (This will change as they get adjusted!)

It's too cold!
Still, she was so sad that the crunchies were all gone. We had a lot of canned food, but that wasn't any good. The rule is: one bowl of crunchies, one bowl of wet food. This is the way it has to be.

Happily, Daddy came back with crunchies for them all. He'd gone into town early, the vet clinic opens at 8:00 a.m., and he saved the day. He had helpers to pour the dry cat food into the bucket.
Sady was there, too. She's the reason we need the expensive hypoallergenic food. If she eats regular cat food she'll throw up.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Bambi is back!

Not a great photo, through the screen, out the kitchen window. I took off the screen afterwards!

What causes Lake Effect Snow: Muskoka, Barrie

It's hard finding out the snow totals.
13 cm in Sault Ste. Marie & 15 cm in Wiarton yesterday. Not bad compared to NY as we have a lack of observation sites.

Friends estimate 30+ cm in areas east of Georgian Bay. Lake of Bays has 33cm or 13" from Sunday to today.

It is the water cycle, really. It is exacerbated by the cold winter winds from the north crossing the warmer Great Lakes. The water has temperature inertia, and stays at a warmer temperature until winter sets in.
I had some fun making a graphic using a 2009 photo of Lake Superior. We had a big trip to Lake Superior and Lake Superior Park, in June, 2009.

It seems to be quite frequent in December, and it is. The winds blowing across warm, open Great Lakes water. By late winter more of the Great Lakes are frozen and less moisture is picked up.

This is a photo from our trip to Lake Superior Park.
This is how Lake Effect snow is created

Monday/Tuesday in Muskoka

Two photos from my friends.  Firstly, Jacqueline in Huntsville. And then from Erica, in Bala, Ontario. The buses were cancelled and there were white outs everywhere. There were many car incidents and peeps were asked to stay off of the roads. Some did not listen.
12:48 AM EST Wednesday 19 November 2014Snow squall ... Snowfall rates associated with this band are 5 to 10 centimetres per hour.

Erica's patio furniture!

Jacqueline's car, a little under the weather.

Snow squalls and winds

Barrie is bad, too

BREAKING: OPP have closed Hwy. 400 NB due to a serious collision. The highway is expected to be closed for 4-6 hours.

OPP are asking motorists to stay off the roads due to the weather conditions.

Georgian Bay current conditions

Gale warnings are in effect, as well as an ice warning. Tuesday, the air temperature was -1˚  C. and
Georgian Bay is 8˚  C., generating surface friction and the massive amount of moisture picked up by the winds.

Snow squalls, cold winds, lots of blowing snow
You can watch the animated surface currents of the Great Lakes. This is really interesting!
animated surface currents
Nov. 18th, 2014

Batchawana Bay, on Lake Superior
the winds drive the moisture
June 2009

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Serendipity... looking for Mike Muskrat I found an owl!

It's been snowing all day for two days
Hard to believe: Nov. 11th
Green grass!
Red was right.
In a previous post's comment he wrote:
"By watching your muskrat you will 
learn many other things. You have to wait and while waiting other things happen."
We tiptoed down to the pond, Daisy was a hoot. 'Scuse the pun.

She loves following me in the forest. I wasn't sure she was even outdoors, but she heard me. She ran down the path, not wanting to miss anything.
The branches droop,
weighted down by wet snow.
Daisy on the path
Muskrats are sleeping!

Lots of snow on the shelters, the ice melted some.

There was an owl, on a branch.

It peered over its shoulder to look at us
Then moved to peer at Daisy!

The owl, facing away from us, was watching for mice friends in the forest.
I watched Daisy, owl disappeared. I turned my head and the owl was gone. Silently.
I was disappointed.

I looked more carefully, and it had moved to a better vantage point– directly across the pond from us.  Daisy'd climbed a tree, and the owl was watching her play on the branch.

The owl flew around for a better look.

We went back up to the house and watched the smaller, safer birds!
Ready, set, go!
She's getting used to winter, again!

Grass pokes through the snow
The yard is now covered

Mourning doves sit mournfully in the trees
watching the feeder
Here is my video of the owl. It was beautiful!

Barred owl from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.
Daisy cat and I went down to see the muskrats. Instead I spotted a Barred owl. I could only see its butt, then it flew around to stare intently at Daisy, who had climbed a tree. I decided to bring Daisy back up to the house!

Monday, 17 November 2014

Milly, Molly and Mick Rat, of the Perth Pond Pilers!!!

Yam, a blog buddy in Dunoon, Scotland, suggested the names! I only spotted one, however. With their short shelf life, the others could be gone. We had a fox nearby the other day. It's hard to say.
However, we have at least one. No cats accompanied me this day. As I walked towards the pond, I could spot an open spot in the middle. The videos are in this post. It was comical watching him dive, get some food, come back up on the ice to eat.
The ice is very thin, I could see his brown body under the ice. You can see it in the video.

From here I could see the open hole,
and the waters moving as Mick disappeared.

The leaves are noisy as I walk.
They can hear me coming.
The pond is frozen over, for the most part.
These small holes were thawing in the 2 C. weather.
Dummy me - this wasn't wide enough to cover me!
I stood there, my arm started to go to sleep!
Hiding behind a larger group of trees,
I stuck the videocam around the side.
On the left is the open hole.

Milly, Molly and Mick Rat; the videos

Muskrat on the pond from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.
Muskrat on the pond. I tiptoed down. Hid behind a tree. It was too small. I hid behind a group of trees! My arm fell asleep, and my feet were getting sore, but I didn't move!!! You can see him sit up on his hind legs, as he sniffed the air; listening, too, as a big truck went by and made him nervous.

Muskrat on & under ice from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.
The Muskrat went out on the ice! Milly, Molly and Mick Rat, of the Perth Pond Pilers!!!

He was in and out of the water, even took a sip of melted water. Mick sat there for a long time, fetching food, and coming back onto the ice to eat it. Mick went over to check out one of his structures from the outside.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Sady's Saga

Sady on the Princess towel!
She loves hubby. Me, not so much.
Poor, old Sady. She's had this awful nasal congestion, which sounds like snoring. It was getting worse. She sounded like Darth Vader. I told hubby, if her nose isn't running yellow or green, it's a cold virus, and not bacterial, therefore wouldn't respond to antibiotics. She didn't have a fever, and she's been eating well.

Her behaviour is normal: glaring at her feline siblings, going outdoors in the late afternoons. She's been sneezing and snorting and having all sorts of issues, especially when she grooms. Finally, the other day she sneezed and it ended up on the door. It was opaque. OK, time for action.

Her appointment was for Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. and it was  just after 2!

Don't look at me, Mommy!
I was out feeding the birds. Suddenly, hubby, wearing gloves and long sleeves, called me in. He'd chased Sady through 4 rooms and she was pissed off! We cornered her in the basement, I ran to grab her, and she ran into the basement back room, across the treadmill, then back around me, snarling and hissing. <SIGH> JB managed to grab her, with his gloves, and we poured her into the carrier.

We saw the vet, and she confirmed everything.
The vet couldn't look into her ears, so she cleaned them out. I told Sady it was like a spa day! Temperature taken in her behind, stethoscope on her chest, she was quite docile with the vet.

She opened Sade's mouth, and she was breathing well through her mouth. Off went our vet, to talk to the other vet. The two women chatted, and said that there was a condition called Nasopharyngeal Polyps in cats. Benign growths that end up blocking the easy breathing of a feline.

It was funny, as our vet was quite keen to pursue the problem and solve it. Scientist, she must be! She asked if we could bring her back tomorrow. We explained that dooface wouldn't be catchable for another week. Our vet disappeared again, and she came back- saying they'd do it today, and we would have an answer of some sort. Her peer had seen polyps in vet college, but it is quite rare.

Unfortunately, that wasn't the problem. They put Sady under sedation and excavated her nose, taking out the mucous as best they could. It seems as if it is only her left nostril. She might have inhaled something, there
She likes holding his hand!
was a bit of blood. Hubby paid the bill, $356, we'll dip into the LOC again! We brought her home, and she was a bit woozy from the anaesthetic. She has to keep on taking anti-inflammatory drops, put into her food. She is still pretty mad at us! It took a day for her to calm down enough to remove her lovely bandage!
She was a rescue cat, found in Quebec, bought in a pet store which only features rescued cats.

She had conjunctivitis, June 2002.
She has always had dietary issues, and all the cats have to eat hypoallergenic vet-sold food. This makes her much better, but it is a bit pricey!
She also has had a problem drooling. At one point, in winter, she was licking ice off of the frosted window. We think her tongue stuck to it. It was raw and she was in pain.

They like watching sports together!

glaring at someone

Bala walkies!