Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Day 1 on Golden Lake

The temperatures have been wicked. Heat warnings, and August-like heart waves and drought. Fog in the morning, then the sun burns down.

The kids visited Saturday night, after a big community party. I burned some chicken. (sigh) Jos had a play date, so they went home early.
 Sunday afternoon, off we went. What better than going to a lake?
Hubby whisked me away!
We had some wonderful swims, neither of us have been in a lake for years.

The sun was beginning to set. Here she goes. There were several of us who were photographing it.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Canoodle Sept. 23

That was a lovely morning. I left home, then had to go back as I forgot my life jacket. Sigh. Don't tell the kids!
As I returned to the road, where I make a left. Someone was in my side of the road. I waved him onto the highway, however, the guy behind me, not content to wait, speeds around me on the shoulder, . I was afraid they were going to crash, so I honked the horn. People are so impatient, that is dangerous driving.

drivers from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

I managed a goodly speed into the wind, points 34 - 36. The wind was strong. I never know, when I leave the house, what it will be like. I flew into the wind, and flew back.

I'd packed a flag for a sail. It worked well. I just have to find some cord to tie it down with.
It was a hot, hot day. Lovely being on the water.
Come along for the ride!

On the way back, I used the flag as a sail.

I saw a good number of birds, loons (mom and chick), seagulls, geese, etc. None of the photos turned out well. The water was too rough and the canoe bouncy!