Saturday, 23 August 2014

Trip to Prince Edward County: Part II

Our Isabelle is creative! 
Carrot with dip and peas.
Sort of ants-on-a-log!
This is where the kids were renting for a week.
It's called Mill House.
It is a beautiful spot, bought for the land and the 150-year-old home renovated to be a rental. There is a lovely renovated barn, suitable for weddings (here is one bride & groom's photos!), barn dances, and big parties.
Someone popped out from behind a bush
and scared her Gramma!
Someone thought that was really funny!

The kids have had friends pop in from southern Ontario, and been having a blast. We were their sole Wednesday visitors!

 The house has four bedrooms and can sleep lots of people. Thursday and Friday they had 7 adults and 10 kids in the house. Caitlin and Dave had a birthday party, as they share Aug. 16th. It was delightful.

Prince Edward County is a fun place to visit. Sandbanks Provincial Park is amazing, even on a chilly day.

We share photos on iCloud, and it looked like so much fun. I know many of our fellow grandparents wish they could be closer and visit more often. This is a good alternative, as well as blogging, Skype, etc. We are modern grandparents!!!

We weren't there for the fooferaw, as we had to be back in town for hubby's follow-up food intolerance test appointment on Friday with our Naturopath, Dr. Jen. We just had a one-day visit with the kids, and drove back in pouring rain, with frogs hopping across the road in the dark. Yikes.

It's not good news – the test results, as hubby is sensitive to dairy, eggs, yeast, kidney beans, spelt, and this means a whole new attack for menus. It means vegan bread, and none of those multi-grain breads we love, and limiting the times we eat out. Thanks to all who have been asking. Deep breath. Dr. Jen is amazing!

I suspected this when he was having stomach issues, on top of cancer and cancer treatments. The drugs are merciless.  Now, we know. Yes, a bit of a shock. We shall regroup and create a plan. Thank goodness for our local Foodsmiths, with their organic, vegan foods; on-line shopping; vitamin supplements, protein shakes, dairy-free products; as well as well-trained and informed staff, who've been supportive during his cleansing diet. Ever onward.

These folks, the Vaders, are part of my son-in-law's family. Something like cousins once removed...his grandmother's brother...
They bought the property for the land, for farming, but rent out the house after 8 years of renos.
The house was bought from a couple in their 90s, very busy farmers and involved in the community. The Vaders have kept some of the furniture, and the artifacts in the house, which is so respectful.
What a project! Such a fun extended family! How wonderful to be able to support local family farms!

Friday, 22 August 2014

Trip to Prince Edward County Part I

On what purported, and indeed proved to be, a wet, muggy, rainy day, I escaped the horrible news reports to go with hubby to visit the kids. As Cloudia wrote last month, "I'm Newsfasting!"

We discussed the news at home, from local incidents like the Riverside Dr. one,  Tibetan Yaks getting loose (a neighbour had them in their backyard, as well!). Then there are the "Windows/Microsoft" phone scammers. One phoned while I was sitting with my client. It is shameful. He is so polite, I told him to hang up, he doesn't have a computer, and eventually he informed them that he was busy and couldn't talk to them and was going to hang up.

But the Ferguson violence, and racism endemic in the imbalance of the makeup of police force personnel and elected officials, is very disturbing. It's got to be wrong when all of those elected are white, when whites only consist of 33% of the population. Then there is the Syrian violence, Iraq, Gaza/Israel. There are people who seem attracted to groups like ISIS, where individuals feel free to live out their dreams of wanton violence and murder. This is why, they say, the video of the beheading was posted: to attract more westerners and non-muslims, like the British-born man in the video, who want to participate in this terrorist group and live out their violent fantasies.
Some days we just need to escape it all.

Then I told hubby about our 4 cocoons that are waiting to hatch. I hoped they wouldn't do so while we were away! I was pleased with my work on my garden extension, gardening is such a great endeavour.
We talked about our upcoming anniversary. Aug. 22nd it is now 12 years!
Aug. 22nd, 2002!

We made our way through S.E. Ontario, Deseronto, through Mohawk Territory, Napanee, all the way to Prince Edward County, home of the United Empire Loyalists (UEL), those who fled the US in the 1700s, to remain under British rule. Two years ago, we spent our anniversary in PEC, it's a beautiful spot to visit.
These are massive properties, all the best lands  on the water were given to the rich, famous, infamous or those with money.
Our kids are renting a property near to Picton, and were having fun hosting family and friends. We were quite excited to see the kids. I took the dresses I am working on to do a fitting for the girls. More on this later... We have an appointment with our fun Dr. Jen, the Naturopath. We'll see if hubby can get back onto a regular diet after his cleaning diet. He's been off: beef, pork, wheat, oats, potatoes, tomatoes, dairy, eggs, et.c, and he's been working hours preparing special menu items for himself, right after dispatching Meals on Wheels for local recipients!

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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Slacktivism is a horrible disease - why the Ice Bucket Challenge is wrong

Does this ever make me mad. ALS Canada has taken down its information site to provide quick links to the Ice Bucket Challenge. I have a client with ALS, whose symptoms are worsening. I want to learn more about this disease to prove better respite care. What are they thinking? This hijacking is awful. It's slacktivism at its worst.

I have no money left to donate. I donate to several causes. I donate my time most of all.
Good causes need sustainability. They need to provide support to families, much more than just doing research.

Riverside Dr., near Perth, the site of a terrible incident

Riverside Dr., Perth
It is tragic. This road is a terrible one. Hubby travelled it many times, as have I, to go to physiotherapy, or to walk around the track at the gym. It is an awful road, with many spots quite near the Tay River separated only by a few bushes.

At the end, It stops suddenly, and you must take an extreme left turn to follow the road.

In winter it can be slick. The gravel and sand get awash in precipitation and spring melt. Some days it is like driving through fudge. With recent rains, 72 mm over two days last week, it's a horrible road.

You really have to take it slowly, although many do not. Lots of cars and trucks travel this road, many going to the popular gym and spa at a good clip. I always like to test a road like this, tapping the break to determine road conditions. The older I get, the more fearful!

May 2012 road over looks the Tay River
They have not released the name of the young lady who was found in the car, she was found with vital signs absent. Church groups and prayer circles have been circulating messages and the folks at the spa are in shock. Facebook messages of hope have been sprinkled with shock, best wishes, and a call for barriers.

Concerns have been raised at Perth's Town Council, barriers, or perhaps closing the road, rerouting it.

Either way, something needs to be done.

News – Emergency workers have rescued a female teenage driver who was trapped in her car, which was completely submerged in the Tay Canal.

Thank goodness for some heroes who managed to get her out of the car. She's been transported to Kingston. She wasn't breathing when she was taken out of the vehicle by an off-duty paramedic and firefighter. She was submerged for some time, they said.
She was airlifted to Kingston, after being taken to the Perth ER.
Hold your children close.

  1. They said a Drummond/North Elmsley Tay Valley firefighter, an off-duty paramedic from Renfrew and two bystanders helped get her out of the submerged vehicle. That off-duty paramedic, Robert Dodge, told CBC News that he was in Perth picking up some radio equipment when he came across the crash. Aug. 15

Tay River from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.
The Tay River is a lovely spot, with a campground, and Riverside Dr. running along side. A terrible road, with a slippery surface, drivers have to be careful. The young lady who ended up in the river in her car is still in hospital.