Monday, 27 March 2017

Day Trip March 23rd: Part 3

  1. Cranworth
  2. Narrows Lock Rd.: Geese and construction
  3. Westport

Westport Harbour

Since Friday's day trip, we've had cloudy skies and rain. This was a lovely day!

First stop was the parking lot of the grocery store. We needed a few things for dinner. Hubby went in. I watched a woman drive in, whilst on her cell phone. As I rolled my eyes skyward, I spotted the bald eagle. The bald eagle was circling. What a sight! I couldn't quite get it in focus. I tried! You get the picture, though.

As I stood, holding my camera, the woman got out of her car to watch, too. Then, a man stood behind me. By then, hubby was back and we watched it together.

Down to the harbour, as the eagle simply disappeared. I couldn't see head nor tail!

Off home we tootled.

More deer!

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Day trip: March 23rd Part 2

2. Next stop: Narrows Lock Rd. to Narrows Lockstation.

We were there to see the birds, and to check how much ice was left. I'd forgotten about the work to be done. We were there when they were assessing the work.

Just for reference, I've maps below. The lockstation is where there used to be an 1812 defense site.

The Big Rideau is on the Rideau Canal, and leads right into Ottawa. It was a strategic transportation route in the day. Now, it is strictly for boaters who come and go. The lake freezes in winter, as you can see. Not totally, mind you. The geese know it. We spotted swans late one year (December 7th). And again, on March 30th: Trip to Narrows Lock to go birdin'.
This is what I was hoping for, but archival photos are good, indeed!

The signage is self-evident! There is bridge work being done. No semis allowed.

As you approach, you can see the geese in the open water.

There is much reconstruction, as the feds are rebuilding and repairing several dams. We happened upon Poonamalie Locks on the day they were repairing it.
They are pouring money into the canal:
Parks Canada spending $40M to shore up crumbling Rideau Canal

This repair, at Narrows Locks, is a huge one. I counted 13 trucks, therefore at least 13 workers, with generators going full guns, and workers wearing warm fatigues.

  1. Cranworth
  2. Narrows Lock Rd.: Geese and construction
  3. Westport