Friday, 29 July 2016

Did I tell you the one about the snake and the frog?

My goldfish opnd
I spotted some action in the goldfish pond. I knew it was a snake. Not good news for the froggies. Sure enough, play the Jaws theme...
The snake grabbed the frog by the toe, and backed itself up the pond liner, dragging the frog backwards. My Ontario Reptile and Amphibians FB group tells me it is a Northern watersnake.

We have very little water in the wetland, it's terribly dry, so this little snake is taking advantage of the little frogs seeking refuge. We had 14 frogs in the pond last week, I guess we're down to 13!

The good news is that the goldfish have reproduced and I've seen some little ones, very briefly!

goldfish from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

It just kept on eating! I was fascinated. It happens every day or the cycle of life breaks down.

Milks snake & frog from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

It appears to come back every 2 days. At this rate...

Another two days later, it is back! We are now down three little froggies, 14, 13, 12...! But this is nature! This time it ate the frog right in the water.
Watersnake from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Lunch with Aunt Betty

Into the big city! The river looks low, but pretty, lovely farms.

Aunt Betty's house! Spencer has some table manner issues! She adopted him as a kitten from the SPCA. This is JB's aunt, and they love their stories of the good old days!

Lunch at Zola's. Happy to see the biking lane on the highway!

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Book Review: 1986

author Morgan Parker
I wasn't sure about this one, at first. It took awhile to get to know and have empathy for the main character, Allana Harrison. It is a good plot and, after you feel you want to smuck her upside the head, there is a rousing great tale. Intrigue, with a nuclear power station,  seems a bit eerie, but not beyond the realm of possibility.
Spying and intrigue ensues, once all is set up in the story.

The setting is the town of Pripyat, and the Chernobyl disaster (April 26, 1986) which ensues. I like stories that take me to different parts of the world. However, it seems ridiculous living in a country and not knowing the language, but that is our heroine! It is quite lusty, and adultery doesn't quite catch my interest, but this is what leads to her downfall. She is quite the character.

From the publicist

Now a young adult, Allana finds herself on the opposite side of the world, in the prosperous and rich town of Pripyat, far away from her past and from the crime, grime and hustle of bigger cities. She doesn't understand the language or know anybody else except her husband -- and that's just how she likes it -- until she meets Alex, another American who ends up being her only friend, the one person who reminds her of what it's like to feel desired, wanted and hungered for.

Book Review: The Anxious Lawyer

What a surprise! I thought it was a novel! (I didn't read the fine print!) It is a great program for self-starters. I've taken meditation courses, and they just didn't take! There are personal stories by the authors, which help provide an understanding of motivation for them.

It was well-written, with good strategies. I would recommend it for anyone, not just a lawyer!

The Anxious Lawyer - The Anxious Lawyer provides a straightforward 8-week introductory program on meditation and mindfulness, created by lawyers for lawyers. The program draws on examples from Cho and Gifford’s professional and personal lives to create an accessible and enjoyable entry into practices that can reduce anxiety, improve focus and clarity, and enrich the quality of life.

Book Review: The Golden Princess

I have been telling my grandkids a story over a long period of time. I thought I'd put the stories into a book. I was sent a book for review, and I really couldn't finish it!

Mine was a small book, on-demand publishing. They grow up so quickly, only our 6-year-old likes the stories now. The thing is, there are very few people who might want to read it. I commissioned an artist, through Fiverr, for the main image.

The Golden Princess

I wasn't the only one who this idea. L.R. Garner had the same idea as I had, only he published a 243-page book of stories he told his granddaughters and greatnieces, which were submitted, but never published. I was sent this book for review, but I wasn't thrilled with the story. I made it to page 50 and had to give up. It simply wasn't a strong plot, and the characters befuddled me.

With these self-published books, like this,nz one, you aren't guaranteed that there is a plot, good writing, or any editing.

Garner's choice of book cover was intriguing for me. It is a fabulous photo. Normally, one credits the photographer. I found nothing in the book. Suspicious, I went to Google Image Search and found this page:

The 10 Most Expensive Bellingham Homes For Sale

There it is. For an author, this is a serious violation of copyright laws. Such a shame.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

BBQ Block Party Hosted by the Rotary Club of Perth on July 22-24 2016

As part of Perth's 200th Anniversary of settlement, there was a ribfest, as well as a car show, and stone carvings. The dust was awful. We need rain. The fair grounds were getting ready for Blue Rodeo, VIP seating, too!

Canadian Stone Carving Festival People could bid on these, in a silent auction. I was tempted!

And the BBQs!

I was tempted... I like onions!

Antique Car Show Isn't this a throwback?!

Then there is the motorcycle. I loved it!

Town was just NUTS!
The car in front was trying to turn left, the guy on the left was pulling out of the bank parking lot. Then, the people on the right were crossing our traffic lane to pull out and go south.

In the evening, Blue Rodeo had a gig. Rob Dyke filmed it.
Blue Rodeo all to ourselves in an intimate setting in Perth. Amazing!#Perth200th#PerthRotary#Hometownpride from Rob Dyke on Vimeo.