Monday, 27 June 2016

2. Yam's Visit to Southeastern Ontario: Wednesday

We entertained Yam for a few days, this is part two! (Our itinerary!)


Perth: Cobbler, Tay River, Perth Museum, lunch at East Meets West.

Yam's well-traveled sandals needed some TLC. We dropped them off at the cobbler, with a rush order, where she bought a lovely pair of deerskin slippers, and we traipsed around the town of Perth.

As you can appreciate, Perth, settled by Scots and Irish in 1816, the names were the towns and cities from 'home.'

Perth and the Tay River

Yam and dogs go together likes peanut butter and jam!

Perth Museum

Mica and Perthite

East Meets West for Curry and Salad

28 km –Perth to Narrows Locks Rd. Yam, being dual Scots and Aussie, loves boats and water.

16 km –Narrows Locks to Westport, Spring St. Park and the Marina, then the Rox Rock Shop. As we spotted that wonderful view of Big Rideau, we saw a truck stalled on the hill.

56 km –Westport to Foley Mountain to Smiths Falls and home.