Friday, 16 March 2018

March Break with the grandies- episode 2


As usual, Izzy was first up. We watched a few morning cartoons. Grampa made an offer we couldn't refuse: pancakes from Penny's for the girls, and a kitchen sink for me! It is really busy in the mornings.

I asked them to get dressed before breakfast. I said that it would be respectful to grampa, who was in town fetching brekkie, to be ready and dressed when he arrived back home.
Isabelle headed downstairs. I called to Izzy, "Let's get dressed, sister!"
"I'm not your sister!"
"It's just an expression!"
"I know!"

We rebuilt the tents. Pit stop. Then... da, da, da, dunnnnn.
Outside to make the Death Star. That fell through. Instead, a snow clown and a devil/angel.
It was hard work!

Basement play: re-re-rebuilding the tent/beds.

Light lunch

Story rewrite: we're working on a story book about Darth Vader. Josee took this photo in the brief period we had some sun. We are creating it online with their new Star Wars Lego. Two more days to go! We've had a bit of snow over the last few days.

 After some hard work on our story, we took a break: playing school in the basement. Ironic.

Then it was movie time: Star Wars V!


Chicken thighs and veggies. Then, teeth and jammies.
Jos asked for the camera in order to take photos of the deer outside the basement window.

Bedtime story! 

They haven't asked for Gramma stories all week, I was tickled when they asked for one. I did a version of Nebuchadnezzar, flying them to visit Gramma and Grampa after their big trip, planned for the summer.

At bedtime, they settled in. Then, Daisy noticed we had a friend out front. I brought Josee up to see it. Later, there were 4 of them.

Izzy has a cough. We put on the humidifier under her bed tent.

March Break with the Grandies! <=Episode 1

Thursday, 15 March 2018

March Break with the Grandies!

March Break Preparation

Grampa planned ahead: Trip to CP and Stittsville Feb. 28th! It was, obviously, a Star Wars theme for March Break, when we were blessed with having the grand kids. They are 7 and 10 years old. 

Day 1: Tuesday 

The kids drove in from Quebec City, where they'd been for an extended weekend.
We tracked them on Glympse, which let me know when to put the lasagna into the oven! Caitlin sets it up on her smartphone.

Lasagna and veggies and dip upon their arrival here! Mommy and Papa went home, after dinner, and we watched Jeopardy and The Voice.

Day 2 Wednesday – 8 cm of snow!

Izzy was up first. We watched some cartoons, had brekkie, got dressed...

We made a fire, and played school in the basement. 

Grampa did the driveway with the snowblower. I did the sidewalk.

Josee arose, had brekkie, then it was Swedish Irish Magic Meatball time. This is where the Lego came in!

Grampa took orders, and went off shopping. Gramma shoveled the front sidewalk, then came in from doing the back deck. I addressed the girls:
"It's snowball snow! Do you want to make a snowbabe? "
I eyeballed Izzy's progress.
"Maybe after lunch. You have important business here!"
"Important business. Gramma, you're so hilarious!" says Izzy.
Jos finished her construction. Izzy carried on.

Prior to lunch, Jos and I made a snow Storm Trooper.
Once Izzy was done her construction, she created a plot line for the storey we will write. Here is the gist.

Lunch was sandwiches. Ham for Izzy and turkey for me an' Jos. Grampa was on his own.

 Jos took a few photos!

Oops, first, a quickie Swedish Irish Meatball surprise, prior to the movie. (Yes, they do the chant each time!) New t-shirts!

Then, the moment we waited for: STAR WARS! After all that work, relaxation.

Snuggles were involved! The four of us watched, with appropriate pit stops!

Whoops. Tripped and fell on a lego piece. :-(
We didn't have to get out the health cards. A bandaid fixed it.

Do you know how important bedtime routines are? Sleep hygiene is an important part of my parenting. sigh.
The girls made themselves tents in the basement. They had fulfilled teeth and jammies. Jos hunkered down in her tent. Hooper had already spent time snuggling in there in the afternoon. Apparently, he thought it would be fun to jump on top of the tent. There was much laughter and cries of "HOOPER!!!!!"

it was a very full day!

Wednesday, 14 March 2018


Aside from this being my ...

I was so excited! I summoned up the energy to build a snow-woman. I was distracted from actually shoveling the snow, hubby was on a mission in town. I meant to shovel the drive, but it was good snowball snow!

Anyway, hubby returned and I took off to town for a pedicure. This was my gift certificate from my birthday in December! JB fixed the eye balls on my snowbabe, and did the driveway.
Sadly, he went in and she fell over. I captured this on the trailcam.
Snowbabe from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

The deer were looking for food after the snow. The doe nibbled at the grass I uncovered building the snowballs.

I did another, when it had warmed up enough. It wasn't snowball snow, though. It's been snowing for two days now.

My other snow critters! I did a king and queen awhile back. Bambi was quite curious!