Saturday, 7 March 2009

wind and weather

The wind lifts her wings in true flight
The wind lifts her higher
God´s blessed creature
Water twinkling in the moonlight
Pools of wisdom reflect the light
Shimmering paths of light call

Seeking the ebb and flow of lunar tides
Body preened to brilliant beauty
Powerful feet are folded underneath
Tool used in wisdom
Cycle of life


graceful hunter takes flight
the skies call her name--
sunfish in her belly

the cycle of life
fish in her beak
sunfish screams warn her sisters

Ghosts flicker in the shadows
She senses them
Her long neck turns this way and that
With respect she bows to the spirits
They laud her on her journey

The great blue heron takes up her flight
All answer the calling
Family flies wing tip to wing tip
The rising sun reflects off waterways
Morning mists surrounds the travellors
Wings glisten
Soaring to new heights

The raptor quells my fears
Loving heart enfolds me
With a brush of his wing
Vibrations of a dear soul
Guides us to crystal visions

Mountains stand guard over the valley
Purposeful snow-fed streams seek the rivers and lakes
Gurgle in harmony to our songs
Rustling wings beat a percussive song
Majestic trees are swaying sentinels
The deer tiptoes through the moss

The light of Love blesses us
The journey calls the heron on a different flight path
Hardships will prove our mettle
Life lessons fulfilled

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