Sunday 14 December 2008

December in Muskoka

Santa is coming
This year Christmas will be quite different. I have photos and memories of family get-togethers. Me and me bro' putting out Santa's goodies...mostly I remember the music. Messiah is on the radio. How traditional! It brings back many memories.

This year is quite quiet in Muskoka. With freezing rain and unpredictable weather those who travel must be wary. The restaurants in our small town are closed, except for the pub. Our 3 local chefs taking a well-deserved break for winter.

Since we are alone, we decided to volunteer. I am on call for Muskoka Victim Services. Brian offered himself (he was actually volunteered!) to be Santa at a Long-Term Care residence. Unfortunately, there is a bit of a battle to be Santa, and we stepped aside to allow the other man to fill the role.

We continue to feed the birds. The pileated woodpecker makes a irregular appearance. It is so nourishing to see nature in the wild and to 'do no harm'.

We have opened our three presents; other presents have been donations on our behalf to organizations that need it. We delivered our meals on Wheels yesterday. It is good to know we make a difference - on a regular basis, not just once a year.

The Lake Effect snow continues, with blowing snow, alternating with clouds. The thermometer remains around the freezing point, and with the sun coming and going it is quite lovely outdoors. The squirrels & blue jays have extra rations of peanuts. I cannot tell if the fox went by this morning on its daily patrol, the snow is so icy that paw prints are indiscernible.

I pulled some wet snow off the roof in the pouring rain yesterday. The heavily laden evergreen branches were stuck to the roof. I think our roof is strong enough, but the branches should not be leaning and touching the roof. Our snow plow man has been by 9 times this month. We have had snow, rain, sleet or hail daily for weeks! Ah well, the sun is good to see today. It warms the cockles of the heart.

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