Wednesday 24 April 2024

Spring is peeling open

Yes, spring is revealing layer after layer, slowly. It hasn't suddenly descended. A cold front is slowly leaving us, as many of you know.

windy afternoon from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

Bryony, bless her little heart, was 6 yesterday. Our Vancouver grandies were in a Panto last winter. They were in a photo shoot for advertising for this year. Such fun!


Sunrise on Tuesday!

Song of the white-throated sparrow, "old Sam Peabody, Peabody, Peabody!"

No sign of phoebe eggs yet! They've been really active here. This is last year's nest.

The poor rhododendron folds its leaves in the cold, then opens them when it warms up. 

Tuesday afternoon it was a balmy 16 ℃ then the clouds rolled in. It is still raining today. I am never going to get that water fountain cleaned up! I had a client yesterday, and it's been too cold up until then.

And still the Northern Flickers are hanging about this dead elm tree. I think they will nest here. 

They are the most beautiful birds. One flew into the window one day in 2012. I took the opportunity to take some photos. 

 The goldfinch is eating lilac seeds. It looked so proud of itself! 

It is pouring rain, and the daffodils are in bloom.  Fred popped out from under the shed Tuesday afternoon when it warmed up. He prefers fair weather!


Jim and Barb's Adventures said...

Great photo of that flicker! I have gotten one photo like that in all my attempts. They are just so fast going in and out of that hole!

Barbara Rogers said...

Brrr, cold and rain are now my enemies. But that's also necessary for all our pretty flowers and birds, just part of nature. I lay in bed this morning looking up through the branches of the maples outside my window, swinging and dancing in the wind. So tall, so supple too!

Karen said...

It was white here again this morning, but rapidly disappearing as the sun moves around.

RedPat said...

I'm with Fred. It is getting colder here as the day goes on so I am staying in.

Elephant's Child said...

I love your description (and photos) of Spring peeling back.

Ontario Wanderer said...

Love the sound of the White-throated Sparrow!

Kay said...

Those are very beautiful birds. I've never seen a sparrow with such gorgeous coloring.