Tuesday 28 May 2024

Bank Fraud, fungus and flowers

 OK, bank fraud. I wrote about that. We've lost $1550. The bank's manager figured it out and explained it to me after we made an appointment to see her. The person who phoned saying they were from the bank was not. No one was trying to use my credit card in Vancouver. It was the thief. I should have hung up and phoned the bank myself. Lesson learned. They weren't after my credit card, in hindsight, and how did they get the number of my bank account?

We've new debit cards. Our old accounts are locked down, deposit only. We've a new account and I'll have to change a ton of information. It'll be a long week. I am losing sleep. 

Lesson learned. Well, it's only money. I'm getting email messages from various businesses where my payments have bounced. I email back and tell them the card was compromised. It'll take 4 - 10 days to get a new credit card. I'm still so angry humans can do this to one another for a trivial amount of money to them. 

💰 💸 🤑 💰 💸 🤑 💰 💸 🤑 💰 💸 🤑 💰 💸 🤑 

 After a massive storm rolled through (20mm rain), I am happy to look at the previous days' photos.

Little teeny caterpillars!

The jack-in-the-pulpit is in bloom! The iris, as well, which sits in front of it. 

Solomon's Seal:

I took this photo last week. The sun shining on the fungus.

I went back, and realized that the tree had broken and is leaning on another. I'll have to set it down, as it is dangerous in the winds. I didn't even notice there was a crack in the base. It is totally detached.

This planter is doing well. Butch raccoon wasn't attracted to that one.

Funny thing. I went to look at this planter. The white petunia, on the left, was pulled out and left on its side. I had to replant it. 

I had to tuck in the Angel's Trumpet seedlings, as well. Fresh dirt means a possible food source to squirrels. Raccoons, as well. 

The culprit? Two possibilities. our new hare or Butch! 

Butch raccoon from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

Butch May 23 from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

The pair of cottontails we had seem to have disappeared. This is a new critter.

hare from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.


Barbara Rogers said...

Oh NO! That's even worse. Somehow thieving people pretending to have our interests, and then collecting all our money! I would certainly be angry about it, and want to throw a few things at the distance! Also sorry Butch is doing his thing with your new plants. And a new Labbit. How can you tell them apart?

DUTA said...

It's only money, as you say.
We are lately warned by others that even the government might steal from our bank accounts. No money in the safe, difficulty in getting loans.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I hate crooks. It seems like a hard way to make money to me. I worry about my MIL and she thinks she is so cautious but she believes anything people tell her over the phone.

I love your trail cams and your photos. My wife has been planting and the squirrels love she plants also.

Anvilcloud said...

An expensive lesson learned. It's tough to keep ahead of the crooks. I will make an effort to remember your experience and to learn from it.

RedPat said...

Your bank fraud has me feeling anxious. What nasty people are out there preying on people.
Glad you have it sorted.

Gaelyn said...

I hate that you've been ripped off, and that the bank can't/won't do anything. I do love to see your spring growth, haven't seen Jackinthepulpit in many decades. Always like your yard critters.

Nancy J said...

Bank scams are so scary.The basket of flowers is so pretty, maybe someone??? had been playing with the petunia.

Tom said...

...I'd love to have jack-in-the-pulpit!!!

Elephant's Child said...

I am so sorry about your bank issues. Thieves go to incredible efforts don't they?
Loving your garden. Jack in the Pulpit is one I don't know - and I will have to explore.

Christine said...

Jenn I am so sorry, we learn lessons unfortunately.

Kathy G said...

How frustrating to have to deal with a fraud issue. If only criminals would put their creativity to productive use...

eileeninmd said...

I am sorry about the bank fraud, it really does feel like you have been violated. Your plants are pretty and I love the cute bunny at the end.
Take care, enjoy your day!

Jeanie said...

Oh Jenn, this is just terrible. I'm glad you have the accounts locked down but what a hassle on every single level. That's a huge violation. This is so scary -- it reminds us all to be so careful. I'm so sorry.